Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great Fiction authors

It read with interest the HBR article on Joseph Finder, the fiction author who writes about issues in corporate world crime,cyber crime (There is also a video). I had heard of Joseph Finder about 2 years back but didn't find time to read his books as I had practically stopped reading fiction.

So I just thought that I would put my 10 best authors. It is difficult to put in any order. Would look for comments. I think cutting to 10 is difficult. I must say I am putting this list after almost reading 90-100% of their works.

Arthur Hailey. Final Diagnosis left with tear in the eye. Airport was master stroke.

Irving Wallace: Second Lady, The word, the Man, the Prize. Makes you wonder as real issues.
Alistair Maclean: All books glue you.
John Grisham: The Firn, the Partner, the Broker was great.

Ken Follett: Eye of the needle, The Iranian Hostage crisis(Dont remember the name).
Jeffrey Archer: Shall we tell the President. Kane and Abel.

Colin Forbes: Stone Leopard.OOPs, He is no more, Missed his death news.

Sydney Sheldon: Other side of midnight.

Desmond Bagley: High Citadel, Golden Keel

Fredrick Forsyth: Dogs of war, Day of the Jackal, Fourth protocol.

Earl Stanley Gardner: Big list.

James Hadley Chase.: Big list.

Mario Puzo, Harold Robbins would also make the cut. I haven't read any of Agatha Christie.

Fiction helps you to think some times beyond normal course of thinking.

I am reading the non fiction of John Grisham's Innocent Man. Should find time to finish it. Good book.

I am also glad that the Supreme court has come very heavily on the Bandh(Strike/ civil action) planned in Madras tomorrow. But the question is will the politicians learn?

OK till next time, take it easy and take care, Live Conciously.


1900 Hrs
OOPS I missed 3 great guys
David Baldacci and Lee Child. Robert Lubdlum, How silly of me.
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