Monday, December 25, 2017

Catch me if you can! Mistress Dispeller, Fuck-sex-seduction, Origin.

1) Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends and well wishers across the planet. May God bless you and your family with love, happiness, peace. Above all stay Healthy. 

2) I was going through my old pictures,this was on my work desk for 12 years, 2000-2012, ( Internet came during 1999 to India) I still have all copies safely stored. The value system in those days were something to be cherished which is missing due to poor leadership, arrogance, ego across leaders at all levels as I see it. The drawing on extreme left top was Son's sketch 2000 when he was 5 years old. 

3) As a Die Hard Modi loather, BJP hater (I consider the party a bunch of Pigs) I cant express my joy at the drubbing the BLOW JOB PARTY (hahah) received at TN. I care a hoot about TN politics or for that matter politics as a whole but "BJP hitting shit" is a schadenfreude moment that can't be concealed. While may money might have flown more than water, the end justifies means. BJP must be decimated. I am glad the TN people have answered resoundingly, the back door penetration, BJP Bastards, Modi tried to influence across TN through the Governor etc. Mark this! BJP can never get foothold in South India. South Indians street smart,light years ahead of (the vernacular press circulation, 100 yrs old, 100 time more circulation) useless stupid cow belt dumb shit idiots. South folks know, giving one seat even to BJP means fraudulent activities like Arab and Camel story.

How many of you remember the Steven Spielberg class movie "Catch me if you can" staring Hanks, DiCaprio. It grossed 1 Billion and even now you can't switch channel when you see snippet. Here is the man himself, "Frank Abagnale" whose life was filmed. Awesome speech and questions answered at Google. He also touches on future of cyber security and feels in 2 years password will be outdated and TRUSONA would come in to fore! 

Over the past 2-3 years, I have been reading quite a bit on Mistress Dispel in China. This week again,the topic has come in to focus once again. There are 33 ways to dispel a mistress and 100,000 cases have been dispelled. Cost of chasing away mistress! 60,000$/case, that is nothing when woman loses thanks to tough, complicated Chinese diverse laws. heheheh!!! "A mistress is a tumour, so the first thing to do is to get rid of the tumour"

hahhah! people crib that I use "FUCK" a lot! It is more context, don't believe me,watch this video. Rajneesh is in his elements! I a firm believer in his school of thoughts,"Sex solves every problem" Sexual energy is the highest energy to posses & utilise.  

It was interesting to watch below 2 videos on Sexual performance, and art of seduction. Amazing lessons!! I agree, Woman play a key role in sexual errands. Without their active/passive consent, no man can initiate the sexual transgressions! I totally agree, Men cheat to stay in the marriage and women cheat to get out of the marriage! Also Women need 50+ traits /skills to attract seduce men, Men need just 1 skill?? What's that??? "MONEY-Vitamin M" as I call it! Maureen McGrath video a must watch for all. 
Seema Anand on Seduction!

Thanksgiving books release this year has been awesome. Every book I read has been class! 
1) Jack Reacher- Midnight Line, practical issues facing USA on Soldiers returning from Afghan. Reacher in team effort.
2) David Baldacci- End Game, Will Robie/ Jessica Reel saga on rescuing Blue Man; crime in Rural interior America.
3) Jeffry Archer- Short Stories with practical modern day issues.
4) The best amongst the release is "DAN BROWN" latest book, "ORIGIN" after ages, I felt like I read a good book merges fact and fiction. Technology, Artificial Intelligence well blended with usual Brown's Code and symbols for the chase. Also, as I had roamed the length and breadth of Barcelona, I could visualise places in my mind. 

I leave you with this funny video!! ahhah! Women cheat a lot !! Poor men!!
Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
25/12/17 1015am. 
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