Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Corrupt Inc, Boxing Day! Automatic prescription lens! Chirstmas back at WH!

1) First Fog of the season is on today, delayed my walk by good 90 min to 8am. Windchill is also awesome good 4-5C below. 

2) Christmas without Plum Cake and Home Alone!! hahhah! No Chance!!! Last night 8pm, I switched TV for that, I was not disappointed. I think the 5th or 6th Xmas with Home Alone. Lalitha sits with me!!! 

I reproduce my Facebook post when a cartoon came in Whatsapp and I posted my thoughts.

Hahhahahhh! Awesome!! Corporates of Late all "PUTA MADRE" ehheheheh!! Bastordic ASSHOLES is right term to describe the rut that runs deep everywhere!! Thank god,I am out!! I would not have lasted a week in this strench/ rut/ leaderless /rudderless situation, I see, as well as I hear from fellow consultants !!
Also lacking is humility, collaboration, full of arrogance, huge ego, opinion on everything !! MAN!!! OH MAN!!!! Even PV Narashima Rao quote of "Decision of not taking a Decision is a decision" is absent! All timid, inept, incompetent, Incorrigible buggers all across!!! The willingness to learn is 0!!!
Personally, I see Pvt sector most corrupt, lack moral standards than government service especially in the last 20 yrs ever since the Y2K fuck up happened !!! The insecurity is phenomenal! Half the bastards would perform in bed only when asked by spouse; wont reach out or initiate even SEX !! hahahahahhahhah!
Good news the GEN X, millennial, born after 1990s will come and rip every incompetent fucker's ass and lot of ANAL Bleeding is bound to happen in coming years! So there is hope!!! I see a barrage similar to "SEXUAL Harassment deluge that you now see across American Inc" and change needs to happen.
Some instances you need to thank almighty that you were not born in that time window to be a timid ass holes !! Born in 1960s 70s is a huge boon to maintain our independent thinking, break rules, above all say FUCK YOU, "போடா தேவிடியா பயலே (My late grandfather's favourite term hahahhahaha) "to any one!! That a privilege! Thank GOD!!!!!
Boxing day, the day after Christmas used to be fun, relaxing, listening to Test Match from MCG! No Longer with game undergoing mess of change for worse. I guess it has been a good 10 years I had watched it on tv or listened to Audio. My First Boxing day test was 1975,Aus Vs West Indies. Gary Cosier debut and century!! Record Crowd of 85000+ which stood for 40 years!! But then!! I think the best Boxing day test was England win by 3 runs 1982! Thomson C Geoff Miller b Botham 21!! Alan Border Career revived and he never looked back! 

Great to see this video automatic prescription lens, I would assume no longer dilation etc. Wonder when this comes here?? 

I am glad "MERRY XMAS" back at White House! Happy Holidays!! hahahhah! FUCK IT MAN, that is politically correct one stupid buggers !!! 
Have a good day, Take it easy, take care, god bless
26/12/17 11am. 

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