Monday, November 13, 2017

MBS, Lakshmi, Leadership crisis Why?? Never go out naked not even for a second!


1) Mom's Angiogram scheduled for tomorrow. I am thankful for all the messages that are coming in expressing support and comfort. I shall keep you updated. Thank you so much.

2) Amazing, my son got my mom an awesome new cell phone. Not that mom's phone was shipwreck,but son said it had lived its life change of time change of mobile!! hahah!! I recollect getting Silk Saree's for my Grandmother in 80s with my salary. So mobiles are new Silkuu what பாட்டி want!! 

If you have been reading the Economist, you would have got it!! like MMS here who worked the reforms in PVNR in 1991 to make India what it is! MBS is Mohammad-Bin-Salman, the crown prince who is set to become King of Saudi Arabia within next 12 months or so. At the very young age of 32, he has good 50 years to work his plans. MBS over past 20+ months has been quietly leading reforms. Yes, it is uphill struggle even for a man of his calibre with Wahhabi clerics, 1500 Cousins etc who may want to sit in the throne! I think, slowly he is sidelining and quietening all his detractors. As long as Saudi people have no discontent with his action, I see smooth sail for him. Many people to whom I speak across world agree that Saudi Arabia would go back to its 1970s Moderate Islam ism under MBS say by 2032 or so!! I would bet for that happening! If MBS fails, then it is bloody civil war with Iran getting emboldened. 

I hardly watch any Tamil content in videos or movies other than some Comedy snippets. I think I have seen few clips of Madras Central which has made me laugh out loud..... So I was curious when there was a twitter outrage on short film, Called "LAKSHMI" in which a middle class working housewife in an attempt to take out her frustration on her husband's extra marital affair,flirts with a guy. I have watched the film. I am firmly with the lady,she did no wrong. The sacrosanct relationship of marriage is terms of equal with both taking vow to fulfil their part faithfully. If one strays off, the relationship is then null and void and no point in blaming the other person to do what they do! Gone are days when Men can do what they like and women have to put up with it. "MEN WIRED FOR SEX WOMEN FOR LOVE" can't work as excuse for men to do what they want to do! With women becoming more educated, independent, stronger in social upliftment, they would hit back with vengence. Also,I am astonished at the outrage, that such ideas propogated, would push middle class women to try out relations out of marriage?? Seriously?? Give me a break!!! 

Like Italian city bus,that come to bus stop, I also quickly watched another Tamil Short movie clip!! It was just awesome!! When you have to die, you will die! no matter how much respite you have been given by St.Peter/Chiragupta!! ahhahah! Watch it, it is funny I tell you! As movie has English sub title any one can watch! I did so with my kids! Another matter, did they see it??? 

One of the biggest crisis we see across world across spectrum is the lack of leadership to guide people be it country or corporate. Leadership is pathetic, timid, inept, inefficient, incompetent, irrational, idiotic, insulting at all levels. I keep saying to my son that Indian shit hit the fan in 1988 to land in a mess we are in!! I would any day go back to India of 1988,it means no wife,no kids,no Internet,no flights to fly at moment's notice etc. (I would have always found them)... But it would have given back the days, people who care for each other,empathy,developing people, organisations which put values first, leaders who show actions with visible felt leadership at workplace etc. I think as for the world, it is in shitty state ever since 2008 crisis when lack of leadership, Greed is good took deep routes. I was triggered of this thought when I watched this awesome clip of Al Pacino in Scent of a woman, in which he shreds to peices the school board for lack of courage, integrity, the cradle of leadership that is broken and is pathetic. This act won him the Oscar and it will be 25 years of his achievement. 

Ok Enough of serious stuff, I would leave it with some funny stuff which I enjoyed!! Never go out Naked, not even for a second, no one would see!! hehehehhe!!!! Don't beleive me, watch this footage!

Some funny memes to chill maadi!! 

Innocent heart never sleeps, Krishna said so good folks wont get sleep, dont get scared if insomonia 

Take it easy, take care,stay safe, God bless
13/11/17 1830 Hrs. 

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