Sunday, November 12, 2017

Obituary, Tribute, Hoodwink, அடிங்கொ !!


1) It has been good 3 months since I posted here. Dad's passing away, the following protocols of 45 days mourning as elder son as well as my work committment of 20+ days in Hyderabad rural has left me no time to post my thoughts here. I am now at #Bangalore on a 10 day break.(Today Dad's 3rd Month rituals,all done!) I would like to post some thoughts over next few days when I am here.

2) I have finished reading "What Went Wrong"by Hillary Clinton" an amazing one from her on the analysis of her failure to win the 2016 Elections. A must read for people to learn from failure. With so many fiction to read for me, the fact that I managed to complete the book shows how gripping it has been.

I received this short 7minute video this week from a friend. I am just amazed at people who rush through their life and then gone in a flash without realising how much they missed the people dear and near to them.I know of few cases of people whose life is taken away in their 30s, 40s without having spent quality time with their family and those whom they left behind feeling so helpless about everything or not having moments to cherish. For me personally, I was very lucky that I listened to Jack Welch, a good 2 decades back. Jack and  Suzy always maintained that it is never Work-Life balance, but Work-Life CHOICE. When you have one,you don't have the other! Of course, family always comes first and so the choice has to be managed sensibly with an agreed plan to share time with dear and near on a Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, Decade plan. Only a stupid would say that I should have worked more in his death bed. In these stressed out, rated out, corporate world of last decade or so, it is very easy to miss out long term loses for short term gains. I am glad I never got sucked in to this post year 2000 mad rush and bailed out just in time. 

This was an advertisement for family and freedom in Singapore, but a very powerful message on little imperfections of men! The wife gives an Eulogy at the funeral of her husband. It reminded me of Dad, Me!! (Hhahah! Last night 2am, Lalitha awaken by my Snoring!! hehehe she was sleeping good 10 feet away!) 

I laughed out so much!! Folks never get hoodwinked by pretty looking sales girls who would drown you by their sweet talk and flattery! No one is immune to this disease,even men in their 40s who want to look 20s!It is your hard earned money!! Be prudent, live the life you want, and always learn to say "NO"!! 

I am not convinced by all the outrage that idiots in Social Media are generating over "INDIGO" incident. This looks an outlier of a couple of rogue staff you would encounter anywhere in service sector. In my travel over last 24 years      (Since 1993 which would have now touched nearly 1000 Flights over 4 continents) I have not come across a single cabin crew,or support staff or agents who had been rude to me despite my pushing my point through argument. Of course,they push their policy,and if u do not like it do not fly the airlines. Indigo of this new boarding process in non aerobridge in to bus is an absolute rubbish or Emirates hell bent on 1peice cabin bag!Give me a break, I stopped flying Emirates!  However, the Meme are earth shattering!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless
12/11/17 1420 Hrs. 
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