Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote, 1001 Nights

Good to be back to touch my laptop, The background was I took opportunity of Pooja holidays (5 days from Tuesday evening till Now) to stay away from my laptop and the Blackberry. Of course, Checked the personal email once a day on my son's computer in a flash. The children were also happy with one day, on the occasion of Saraswathi pooja,(Godess of education) when you are not required to study to offer her prayer and thanks.Yes, it was a good feeling to stay away completely switched off and spend quality time with family and try to restore some work life balance /choice.

Economist magazine offers you a chance to vote for your candidate in the AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. While, your vote may not be able to swing the fate of Barrack Obama or John McCain. It would be interesting to see how the world votes. India has vote value of 1500 delegates per vote against say California has 55 delegates. (China has 1600). I had been a follower of USA elections in since 1976 over radio (When I was in 9th grade and I am fascinated by the electoral college systems) when Jimmy Carter won. I go by canidates stature to support at every election. This time my flow is with Repbulicans. I would rather see a first women president (being a heartbeat away) in to the office. Obama, have to wait a while, I guess!!!. You may vote here.

I was also amazed with historical similarites in the age when there was no inter regional communication (say 500 years ago). I was reading Bagehot's comments in the economist, on the Arabian Night's 1001 Nights story of Schehezazade Princess to tell a story every night to remain alive, (Comaparing 1001 hrs to Brown). We too have a similar stories told by Betal (Spirit/ vampire) to king Vikram and it asks questions and he has to answer,else his head would blow in to 1000 peices. Looks like human thinking to spread message ( Communication) was the key to establish civilisations/ ethics, I guess.
I did spend time to listen to Brain Britton podcast on leadership gold. Practical aspects to leadership. Enjoy.
I also listened to Warren Bennis talking to Patricia Wheeler. Great Insight from a great man worth the 60 minutes!!. A Must listen.

It is Holiday season for the kids, so going out.
Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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