Sunday, October 05, 2008

Career Crisis, Work place issues.

I am horrified by the couple of events that caught my attention.
The first was a suicide by a Nokia female worker in Bangalore due to workplace harassment which was both discriminating and sexual in nature. Any one who was thinking that issues are far apart from a closely knit Indian work culture are in for a rude shock. The work place is getting more aggressive and it is up to you to fight for and survive. A strange reality and people are to be ready for it. Why the harmony cant exist, I wonder.

I am also shocked to read a week back that a CEO of a Italian MNC was beaten to death by an agitated workers (Near Delhi) over industrial dispute. I am just wondering, are the ugly days of industrial disputes of 1970s associated with trade unions is back. I am also puzzled about the value of life?. Are there no chance for dialouge/ discussions to resolve the isssues. My thoughts are with both the vicim's family. Work place violence are the order of the day and we need to be tuned for it and work out.

Yes, there are some hopes, I was touched by Manager tools gesture to condut a 1 day workshop for career crisis counselling free of cost in Newyork city. MT had earlier given out its premium content on preparing for a crisis free. It goes to show people are out there who cares for others. Mark always mentions give give give and it is a great feeling to see words transfering in to action. I am MT premium content member and I feel proud to be part of this community.

The coming week is the culmination of Navaratri, the festival that goes for 9 nights. I look forward to the celebrations and wishing everyone a happy dasera. Enjoy the festive spirit. Its now time for festivities and gala with Diwali round the corner in 2 weeks.
I came across some intersting thoughts in blogposts. Marshall Goldsmith advice and Tim Sander's new book interview.

Till next week take it easy and take care;Live conciously.

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