Friday, July 28, 2017

Dad Update 28/7 Back home!

Thanks to all the prayers, After 12 days in Hospital ICU, Dad is back home Thursday evening. He is in much better shape and is conscious /aware  of things happening around most of the time. Lalitha and Children visited Karaikudi last week to take stock. I am off to Karaikudi, Sunday for three days, with Lalitha to take final decision on shifting him to Bangalore or way forward after consulting Anand, Veni, Gayathri who all would be assembling to work a plan.

The critical aspect is to prevent infection,bed soar which can prove deadly than cancer spreading. We are doing everything possible on that front. Anand and others did a great job over last 10 days. A Nurse is around 24*7 at home, to support him for all the support/care. 

Thanks once again all. I am sure prayers do wonder!! 

28/7/17 1700 Hrs
Bonthapally, HYD Rural. 
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