Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kumbakonam school Fire, Macron3-0,ATM menace, World If!!!

1) Anand reached Karaikudi, Dad admitted in intensive care at local hospital this afternoon. While his vital signs /tests are all normal. We feel he needs attention and care which only a hospital can provide. Would keep folks updated. 
2) Radhu has formally taken over all Income Tax returns for the family, Aigaa, She makes all tax payable disappear like a magic!! If at my level she could do, imagine Millionaires etc how CA goons make tax disappear!! hhehehehheheh!!


I saw a twitter post today on the Kumbakonam fire tragedy that happened this date (16th July 2004) in which 94 children were killed. I had covered the same in my BLOG POST in 2008 ( I write blog from 2005) Such Incident must never repeat anywhere!! If Jayalalitha should rot in hell (not that she might not for other sins) it is for this reason alone, for school was run without any license approvals and no one bothered. I reproduce the heart wrenching poem written by then President APJ Kalam on the tragedy.
Prayer for departed children of Kumbakonam
Oh dear little ones! Oh dear little ones!
For you, parents had glorious dreams !
And you were all immersed in your own dreams
Yet, Agni engulfed you and all of those dreams
Taking you to Almighty's divine presence
Usually, departed old parents are buried by sons
Whereas, Kumbakonam, saw a sad scene!
Crying parents burying their little ones!!
Oh Almighty! show Your grace on those little ones
And keep them all in Thy Holiest Presence!!
Oh Almighty! bless those parents wilting in grief
To have the strength to bear this great loss
May Thy compassion and grace pervade all souls
And bring down the pain and wipe away the tears
Oh Almighty! show Your grace on those little ones.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Once again, Emmanuel Macron has outsmarted Trump 3-0 now, game set and match! All 3 times over last 2 months when Macron met Trump, he has just towered over Trump! hahahh! I am pretty sure Macron has better plans for France and with a super majority in parliamentary elections, he would be able to work his way. I am optimistic. 
If you go in to ATM to take cash,watch out, go with your cellphone, the man in Texas, was stuck inside for 3 hrs, no one took his note to rescue him seriously until a cop did!! !!! 
Economist has come with a superb collection of articles this week on "WORLD IF" I would spend time going thro that!!
Ok world, take care
16/7/17 1740 hrs. 
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