Saturday, July 01, 2017

Mental fitness, Wimbledon, Schumpeter (WTF??), Great Sex Tonight (GST)

1) Today, 1st July is Lalitha's birthday. My 28th year of celebrations with her.(hhhaa!! Which woman want to disclose her age, I tell you!!) Radha, Shravan join me in wishing her a great birthday.!! Just to say a BIG thank you for everything she has been doing for us. 

2) I had a great trip yesterday to Madras for the participation in the OSH India safety exhibition cum technical sessions. I shall be covering the technical details in my latest HSE blog later in the evening. It was indeed Awesome to see and eat IDLY fully dipped in Sambar as well as good to See JJ posters, ( Last time I felt, BJP Thugs and MODI goons have hijacked all poster) besides capture Ripon Building the greatest viceror ever. I recollect my history teacher 1973 telling "ரிப்பன் எங்கள் அப்பன்"

I am pained, saddened at the suicides that are happening in the environment around us. I am of the firm opinion that Life is God given and only he has the right to take in its normal course of  events that we carry on. As the saying goes, only two things certain, "Death and Taxes"!  Having seen a Suicide of a gentleman who was of great assist to our family during 1970s ( When I was 8 years old) I am always convinced that any issue in life in not worth taking owns life. I agree the spouse, the parents, work a person to that situation, and it can look all lost. It calls for mental toughness to work a way out. Taking ones own life is not an OPTION!!  As the saying goes, "The Going gets tough, the tough gets going" is the way to go" 

Wimbledon begins coming week. My 45th to follow the Tennis' top notch event going back to 1973 when ATP players boycotted Wimbledon. John Kodes won the title. Wimbledon is always about Borg, Connors, McEnroe as well as Evert and Graff. Of course, Martina and Monica Seles should be mentioned. The interest in sports has faded over the last 10-15 years. I recollect watching Andy Murray beating Federer for the title few years back was the last live edition I watched..... Of course, Wimbledon wont be complete without mentioning Arthur Ashe, 1975?? and my reaction?? Arthur Who???!!! 
Schumpeter has posted an awesome blog on mess that's happening in USA with business. He calls it Plan C-WTF(Not what the F**K, but WTF---> Winning, Tackling and Future) I dont ever recollect Economist dedicading a special report to a person and the mess he is creating!! While agree things are going helter skelter, I am positive Trump team may salvage things as they go forward.
I leave you with GST memes!! Boy what a mess at midnight?? I am told nothing is ready, come Monday morning Mayhem!! 
1) NaMo - 1 July se GST lagu hoga

People - VAT the f*ck!😤

My reaction when someone asks me the benefits of GST

Take it easy, take care, stay safe. God bless
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