Monday, June 26, 2017

Manager Tools 12 years, Drugs, CRISPER, Charles KOCH Why people hate him!

As today is a holiday, I thought I would spend time to write a post! My Eid greetings to my dear Muslim friends /ex-colleagues in India and other parts of the world.

Housekeeping:-1) I usually go to ORION MALL for shopping& Come back, yesterday, i rarely sat for few minutes, the water fountain kind of impressed. I never notice these things!!! Looks like I am changing!!

2) You would be surprised that in the modern jet fast age still alteration folks exist that too in the middle of busy busy area in Malleswaram. With me loosing 3" Inch waist,8Kg over past few months, Lalitha was hell bent on altering the trousers (Less than 1 year old, so she has a point, despite me not agreeing) So we gave for alteration....... 

This week, Mike and Mark of Manager Tools (MT) completes 12 years of Podcast! Their First episode "Solution to a Stalled Technical Career" came in 2005. I stumbled on MT during 2007, (My first podcast was How to Write a Thank you note) and I have not missed a single episode! I must have written about its game changer in my personal/professional life many times but mentioning one more time is worth it. Career Tools their other podcast is a must listen for folks in their 20s who stepping in to work! 
Mark (L) Mike 
Last week, I was travelling along with a Punjabi friend, he was telling me about the Drug menace that has wrecked Punjab and how it has ruined financial, social, infrastructure as well as value systems as well as how BJP-SAD has decimated the society there. The Pakistan border area is practically porous and folks across border, using catapults to swing packets of drug across.
I am not surprised this morning to listen that IRAN is facing immense problem with double the drug addicts in 6 years and struggling to come to terms. Looks like remaining clean is tough tall order these days for folks. While I smoked in my 20s, I stayed well clear of Alcohol and Drugs despite they being arms length. They cause irreversible havoc to you and folks around you......... 
I was intrigued by so much happening in Gene Slicing technology,( Remember I am ex-Monsanto, so Gene Modification was tool to bread and butter) CRISPER is just beginning to wonder magic that is going to set Bio Technology in Agriculture, health on fire!! I am all for bio tech and I care a hoot about these Stupid NGO, Greenpeace buggers who crib without offering any solutions. Kill me after you give a solution to a problem is my take!!!

As Die hard Republican, any one whom Democrats loathe is a guy you need to follow close despite their political affiliation. Charles Koch of Koch brothers which is II largest Pvt entity after Cargill ( at 100Bn$) is one such. Some of his entities are my client for EHS services ...... Koch entities takes pride in 100% compliance in 100% area at 100% time and work ways to execute the same. In his interview on Freakonomics Podcast, Charles Koch talks about his leadership, entities, how he fights the crony capitalism. (He never endorsed Trump) 

I leave with these videos watch out!!


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