Friday, June 09, 2017

Shocker from UK Theresa May (NOT)!!


Never take voters for granted! That is a big message from UK elections! Talk of swing of 140 seats majority beating Thatcher and Blair have been dashed in UK! It now appears even a simple majority may elude. The body language of Theresa May in her victory speech was that of a loser and voice breaking and her statements incoherent! Theresa joins Hillary Clinton in spectacularly letting slip a golden opportunity to establish their own authority! 

So how did things go so wrong??
1) She took voters for granted thinking BREXIT is the only issue, issues on education, welfare, Housing were forgotten and never even brought to forefront.
2) As my UK friends told me, too much austerity, cutting police force by 20,000, health care spending etc, more so when UK was at his wealthiest time, My friends said that they cant remember ever UK doing so well and wealthy like present in the last 30 years.
3) Theresa May like MODI was a stupid Micro manager, never open and keeps her cabinet, Bureaucrats guessing. Her team like MODI is one of the most stupid. Many are now facing the route!!
4) People wanted course correction on BREXIT, They may want a softer Brexit which she never understood. 
5) If Thatcher lost ground due to Poll Tax in 90, Theresa's waterloo was Dementia Tax! Madness! Shows she is more stupid than Dumb Idiot Modi! 

This election also shows, Youth would swing elections and by god they did. They have voted massively coming out with vengeance in Support of Labor/Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is personally a nice man, good guy, but poor leadership skills. The general opinion is that he would make a horrible Prime Minister!! But He said the right things on Health care, housing, education loan write off, free schooling, Mid day meal etc which resonated with voters. Some times being nice is a good way and you may finish ahead. See my tweets of NOV 2016. 

The election results also clearly indicate that any mid term /early elections are disaster as happened in 70s, no wonder Thatcher never attempted despite pressure to do so!! hahahah! I recollect Even Hajpayee got royally screwed!! 

Theresa May being the leader of Largest party may yet form a coallition and govern! But the authority is undermined or nothing exist! She is an emperor with no cothes! PERIOD! 

So this election shows people want governance, welfare, health care. Would stupid Modi and his brainless bastardoric goons focus to deliver employment, quality education, Health, Infrastructure, wealth creation or worry how to make cow Dung as food to be had or How much Circumcision length does the Muslim dick has!! 

I only hope free thinking folks with the youth power like France, can bring change to this country and drive out extreme Hindu radicals and saffron scoundrels of BJP etc etc who divide people in the name of religion much against the Indian values of inclusiveness, accommodating. But then we are Indians and 90% folks are stupid buggers only interested in 5Cs that ruin this country for last 35 years viz Cricket, Cinema, Card, Charaayam (Alcohol) and C**T (Actress) so no hope!! 

Take it easy, take care
9/6/17 0830am 

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