Saturday, June 03, 2017

Deep Blue II, BA Mess! Rich are Selfish Jerks, What the F***, Syria@ Russia 2018 !!!

1) Parents back at Karaikudi! This was a short visit < 30 days!! Dad a tough time to handle! Mental energy matters! I tell you!!! 
2) During morning walk at Brigade,crossing the smoking zone, I took a look at empty cigarette packs that was on the parapet!! I guess I am even casting a look at pack after good 25++ Out of curiosity, I took a look at the price on the pack! ( I was a heavy smoker,84-89, during Hostel days and immediately in to the job) It was an astonishing to see a pack of cigarette is costing 40 times more now than price I used to pay! I was wondering the money folks must be shelling out to buy evil health as well as in Booze!!! I was bemused at the bold display of WARNING!! Any one cares???? ahhahahahahh!!!! hahhahah! This Brand was one I shunned, ( I was always a Wills man? Wonder it exist??) 

3) Lalitha made an awesome Pasta of Tomato base and Cream base for dinner last night !! I was not amused as now it is a modern day trend, Kids informing her to pack and keep in fridge for morning consumption!! One irksome habit, I never picked up from my western visits is to eat leftover and I strongly disapprove !! It is for Birds and charity give aways!! ahahh! My Gujarat stay 12 years also made it very clear, fresh food 3 times a day at the plate, Being a good cook, I can work it out by myself to if need be!!!

I was intrigued to read that Artificial intelligence is spreading. The Chinese game "GO" far far more complex game than chess and moves are difficult to think far ahead! The Google Algorithm beat the #1 Go player and guy was inconsolable, naturally!! Reminded me of the IBM Deep Blue ripple back in 90s when Gary Kasparov was knocked out by IBM Deep Blue! (8-3 If I recollect correct) 

Another summer holidays, another Airline travel mess! This time it is BA mess more so during the bank Holiday weekend throwing 1000s of passenger plan in to chaos! I am told it is due to heating up of systems thus causing tripping of systems with tripping of a disastrous consequences. I also heard in podcast that the business critical IT systems were outsourced to Indian entities for maintenance/ management as cost reduction measures( Cost Optimisation as they would say) who were not up to speed. Also pathetic was the poor communication from BA management on progress, decisions as well as alternate plans! It would be horrible for folks to hear update from BBC! No amount of Business Continuity plan, Risk Management plans and disaster recovery can be worked ahead for People stupidity, Greed to save money thus pocketing it to themselves in the name of bonus! BA Mess a classic case.

Hhahahahh!! I am not surprised to hear Feakonomics talk show RICH CHEAT MORE and are less generous ! Without doubt, I always have a view that the richer you become, more you become Stingy or even steal from others!!! This is more so in Asian/ Indian context where Greed is ultimate to posses without giving anything back! Indian Inc also classic case loot plunder deception to rich themselves in collusion with politicians! Also this week, I reached out to few Indians in USA /UK for 20$ give away to a deserving situation( I contributed 20$ Equivalent) giving the bank a/c details to credit direct. Not one has even communicated back saying would do,wont do!!!hmmmmmm!!!! 

One thing u would never see in my communication be it email, blog, whatsapp is "Emoticons" I never understood that shit!! I cant even fathom why it was discovered in the first place! Imagine my horror when I read that World's first Emoticon translator!!! WTF or to use dad's favourite cuss word முட்டா ......." ஹஹஹஹஹஹஹ்ஹ்ஹ்ஹ!  (Thank god Kids know only basic TAMIL to survive at home like சாதம் மோர் ரசம் etc hehehehehhehe)

I always Cricket game a piece of Shit! More so Indians going hoopla ever since the fluke win of 1983 when Stupid Viv Richards played that awful shot and Clive Lloyd pulled Hamstring first ball he faced making fortuitous Indians task ever more easy! So a game played in 10 Countries and u consider top notch!! hahah!! I was personally touched and felt so emotional, when I heard the podcast last night on BBC on SYRIA going all out to qualify for 2018 World Cup at Russia and are making very good progress!  That Ladies and Gentlemen is Resilience, self belief and doing things for the people of country and to make world notice not Effing winning, a game played in 10 countries!! hahahahahh!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay Safe god bless

3/6/17 0900am. 

PS: 1) I am personally alarmed by too much religion getting in to life across the world! Not a good sign!!! 

2) hahhahahahh! To cast of evil eye in India!!! (Lemon/Chilli)

3) Ideal Husband?? No way??? Not even me??? hehehhe 

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