Tuesday, June 06, 2017

21 years Karnataka Thank you! Qatar Isolated! Who is safe now in India & Future!! அடப்பாவி டேய்

1) Lalitha has been flooded with box of sweets from her students who all topped and aced in math exam. With, for me sweets no go, and kids (!!) coming back home around 2300 Hrs from work each day the sweets go begging with no takers!! Irony!! I was joking to Lalitha, Sunday it would be nice if a box of Donuts come instead of Boxes of sweets, 2 hrs later, there it was a parent with a box of DOENUTS !!! hahahahh!!!! (another matter that too is a no no but a different thing to look at!) 

2) I always consider the the icon, LIKE, FAV in face book, Twitter or equivalent is the most stupid thing created. While I Bookmark web pages to read later in a browser, clicking FAV is the most stupid thing human being can do! Thankfully I have done 0 in my 10 years in Face book, Twitter ( Another matter Radhu puts knife in my neck and say click on her posts!!hahahah)  I also cant fathom people going gaaaga on that and getting it counted as is this follower stupidity! Any response to a post is only by comments thro language or move on!Nothing else is better and wont count! Your followers # is nothing! I was always clear that social media is a myth and illusion and wont take you anywhere! Why? I posted my thoughts on TSV Hari passing away. There has not been a single comment in my blog post, FB, Twitter or hardly any mention from people who followed him! I wonder how many from this stupid Social Media even attended his last journey! Not a dozen would be my best guess!

Today I (we) complete 21 years of moving from Ankleshwar, GUJ and settling in Karnataka. (Bangalore 96- Mangalore 97- Bangalore 2000). The state has been very generous to us and gave everything we wanted. Superb, High class education to both children which they duly grabbed, great people to associate, friends, peace, security and harmony! (Yes as a TAMIL it is tough sail during Cauvery madness (every state has its own stupid buggers and lousy assholes) riots but that day I am હું ગુજરાતી છું, તમે શું બોલો છો! હું કન્નડ સમજતો નથી !!! સુપર કામ કરે છે ! Like 999 decisions out of 1000 I have taken so far in my life, I had never even looked back to wonder Did I do the right thing! (Leaving god TN 85,Giving up smoking at moment thought 1989, etc etc etc) this was also a awesome decision when I had to put my career interests of working for a great company (#SANDOZ) in Gujarat vs moving to unknown place and shaking things for better quality of life for all!! I guess my grandfather's death 1995,and me not able to make it to his last journey (I was his most favourite Grand Son)might have triggered the thought, what the F*** thing I am doing here in Gujarat .........
L top New Computer 1999 with internet at home (Dedicated phone!! ahha) Mangalore Took me to different level,  Right Kids 99, 2000, Son, Top notch shcool NPS Rajajinagar!
I have been posting for ages, echoing in a sense on same lines of Osama Bin Laden, Trump that Iran and its allies in Hezbollah, Islamic brotherhood pose a greater threat to world's peace and security! I firmly believe that ISIS is brain child of Qatar funding besides their generous support to any anti Arab Sunni Muslim coalition! In a sense, Obama ouster has brought a new spring in the Middle east politics and it is good that Qatar played much beyond its weight to find themselves isolated! While USA has its station with 10,000 troops there, I expect some realignment change in global politics by this shrewd move by SA, Egypt, UAE etc!

Sources of ISIS Wealth creation!

I leave you with images that says better what I feel so much shit has hit the fan in 3 years !! hahahh!!

What it takes to be a safe woman in INDIA 2017 in MODI's rule!!

I always  say truth is stranger than fiction!! hahahahh!!
younger brother at last minute ties knot with the bride, they have been having affair!! hahahahhhahah!!!! 
Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless!

6/6/17 0915am.
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