Thursday, June 08, 2017

Parmacharya! 123 Today!!


Today வைகாசி அனுஷம் Birth star of Kanchi Paramacharya. He was born 1894 and departed in 1994. I count myself very very lucky to have seen him plenty of times between 1968 and 1991. My last darshan of him was 26th January 1991 exactly week after my marriage to seek his blessings with Lalitha. My son family name is after his pre Sanyas name "SWAMINATHAN". He was the last living sage to whom I bowed my head and prostrated. I once travelled 100s of Kilometre to Karnool,AP, to have his darshan during 1983. I have long since moved from so called sages and keep Light years away from them,ever since his departure. I would be visiting Sankar Mutt here in Malleswaram for the event organised this morning. 

In the days of Saffron Scoundrels, Crook buggers, Bastordic Ass holes who are plundering, looting, leading people to deceit in the name of stupid God and Hindu Religion (supported openly by a pathetic Hindu fanatic central government which has only clay between ears/ legs (possibly a fanatic Hindu land similar to muslim Pakistan in say 50 years!!) and brainless Hindu Indians mindlessly following such goons, I cant even imagine such a sage existed who was ordinary and did no miracles and promised nothing and still people thronged to get his blessings in 1000s. I cant even recollect, in my visits, I asked for anything, other than worldly peace and prosperity! 

It is worth mentioning,( I have posted before) this portrait completes 35 years at our home at Karaikudi today. Interesting that this was painted by a Muslim, Framed to hang at home by a Muslim and brought home in Cycle Rixa by a Muslim. All 3 gentlemen didn't take a Rupee for the service rendered. Mr Basha the guy who painted him has never seen him in person. (Islam prohibits Idol connect so I even wonder how he thought about him)

In fact this portrait is the only reason, I am unable to wind down Karaikudi house and move parents from the god forsaken place/state which I quit for good 30 years back. Mom insists that her last breath should be at this place. I have now given up all attempts to relocate them.... (Hhahah Dad has different views, he loathes that place like me, but then, when a Husband prevailed hehehheh)

I am looking for an audio cassette which was released for his Centenary in 1994 sung by SP Balasubramanyam. The Songs were mesmerising. As with Audio cassette the tape got worn out (This was before mp3 era)! I am looking for digital version and all my efforts are futile. I have posted many requests over past 10 years, so far no success. If any one has it and can share I would be much obliged.

I leave with some of pictures of Paramacharya which I find fascinating. I collected years back!!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless

8/6/17 9am. 

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