Sunday, June 04, 2017

Move over Robert Bruce, ISIS School Kid soon?, Theresa May Gamble? DIA?? Did u Know?

1) Amazing performance by Lalitha's students in 10th CBSE exams (Results declared Sat) with 3 students getting GPA 10 in math and another scoring 9. All of the students whom she coached in IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, have their highest marks in Maths and none has managed to score more than they scored in Math. Lalitha's coaching performance becoming routine like Clive Lloyd of 70s!! Nothing but best a foregone conclusion! hahahahahahhahahh!!!!! Sharpening the saw crucial to sustain!  The only down side for me is Sweets from students piling up, I am like நீ அருகில் இருந்தும், தொட பயன்தேனே  !! என் எஸ் கிருஷ்ணன் !!!!

2) After 22 years in Bangalore, Lalitha and I went for our evening walk at SANKY TANK, Saturday evening for the first time.The sunset was beautiful. The tiles are not very conducive for walking! I prefer Brigade! Sanky Tank 1 Km from home. 

I finished Andy Andrews' Book "Traveler's GIFT" in one sitting of about 3 Hours, Friday, An awesome book to recharge yourself when you feel a bit let down and feel things don't go your way! There is always a way to react and it is all in your mind. Interesting fact was that book was rejected by 51 yes 51 publishers before it was accepted and rest is history with printed in many languages and a must read for folks to recalibrate !! But I cant help but ponder, the inspirations, recalibration, etc happens only with reference to western way only, Anything in Indian context exist?Even if so, then in a more open/secular context without the religious overtones!! 


The buck stops here.” (Truman)


I will seek wisdom. (King Solomon)


I am a person of action. (Joshua Chamberlain)


I have a decided heart.” (Columbus)

“THE FIFTH DECISION FOR SUCCESS (Anne Frank; Girl Holocaust victim 16 yrs)

Today I will choose to be happy.

“I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit.” (Abe Lincoln)


I will persist without exception.”  I focus on results…. (Gabriel) 

As I type, I am getting news filtering from 530am, of London Terrorist attacks with 7 killed in multiple locations. This is worst week I sense with bombings in Kabul and its aftermath mayhem, Baghdad and now this! More so this is happening in the fasting month of Ramadan where things are expected to be quiet with kind of ceasefire! Shows As Scott Harvath opines,"Geneva convention norms on war prisoners don't /Shouldn't apply to terrorists" At the same time, ISIS gone beyond normal Islamic way is an emotion and way of life with its own norms ! From what I read/ hear from folks who cover Middle east, We wont be surprised in few years ISIS would look school kid just like Al Qaeda is reduced to!! 

This week UK election campaign shows how things can swing so much!! Theresa who was expected to win with Majority of 160 Seats expecting to break the record of Thatcher and Blair few week back! May just scrape through with 50 + seats or worst case Hung assembly! I expect her to win as James Corbyn despite a personal good guy, is seen by many as unfit to govern UK! That may help Theresa! Shows how lack of good opposition can make mediocre guys govern like Modi, May, Trump etc!!! Also interesting is the merger of political views to vote!

We know FBI, CIA, NIA, NSA!! How many are aware of DIA?? I wasn't until I started reading "THE FIX" by David Baldacci. This was initiated during Kennedy's administration by Robert McNamara!! Interesting coverage of activities from defence standpoint!! 

Ok take it easy, take care, stay safe.
4/6/17 0845am. 
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