Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gory, Sloppy & Tricky!(GST) , Every day is HOLOCAUST day ;Alexa?? Kohl!

1) While I am tech savoy and keep myself up to date on the same from Desktop perspective, I am still not accepting mobile platform. For me mobile phone is still a device to make calls, (Not even receive I ignore 90% if # is not known) and should be break proof from 10 feet fall! So I was thrilled Radhu arranged Cab thro mobile app UBER for my 2 way visit Saturday! I dont know what she did (Nor I care) the Cab drivers picked and dropped me all at 0 cost to me!!!

2) After ages I find a book Gripping, Joseph Finder's "THE SWITCH" is gripping. I should finish soon at a much much faster pace than I usually do for fiction these days ! 

I am not a financial expert, but feel that GST is a shit waiting to make demonisation just a pat on the bum where as GST will whack your ass! She said" GST is DOG and Pony show of Excise +VAT" with no visible changes or benefit to consumer. I agree that this just makes life of Govt Stupid assholes easy! Knowing way our systems work, I cant help agree 100%! 

This 92 year old man goes to every school and speaks to kids, about the Horror of Holocaust and How it never should be repeated. I agree with him, that while it is easy for others to say get on and move on, it would be very difficult for people who were affected. I concur when he says, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...... are all Holocaust day and Kids now should tell their grandchildren! 

As I wake up to hear Amazon take over Wholefoods and  Alexa jokes that go on it,
as well as Passing away of Helmut Kohl, 4 term German Chancellor! Would Merkal repeat that this year??? My guess she would!! What a leader?? I distinctly I was in Freiberg when he won the II of IV term in 1994.
 Regan, Berlin Wall in background

Take it easy,take care.
17/6/17 915am.

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