Saturday, June 24, 2017

3 Wasted Years, MBS, Ich Bin Ein Berliner,Joseph Finder!!! ABCD! Kaviarasu Muthaiah do you know him??

1) Today 24th June, Lalitha and I enter our 28th year of association,having got engaged this day in 1990 at Bharuch. The marriage followed 7 months later. In the then days of Hindu Muslim riots, Anti reservation mess that preceded the decade, GUJ was still a very dangerous place for a South Indian Girl to venture out and get married to a guy settled there. Still wonder, how many lies I told, like Thangavelu??(ஒரே ஒரு பொய் சொல்லி, ஒரே ஒரு, கல்யாணம் பண்ணிக்கிட்டேன், இன்டெலிஜெண்ட்ன்னு அடிச்சு வீட்டேன்; நம்பிட்டா,மக்கு பொண்ணு !!) hahahah!

2) This week, I was at Madurai for a CII Safety program. On the way to the city from airport, I was not amused at huge size banners for every 1/2Km for a child's ear piercing event! God Give me break? Are there no better ways to waste money? 

If the congress govt was Governance by inaction/ineptness, Modi Govt since 16/5/14 is Governance by Deception! No program has taken off, matters have gone worse in terms of Harmony, peace, cost of living, employment and more importantly in fiance aspects. No wonder The Economist covers in its cover story ripping this government. I totally agree with the articles. I was stunned paralysed beyond belief to hear from a 45 year Pharmacy veteran, that this government is debating to make soft gelatin capsule vegetarian as Gelatin making involves bone treatment!! what misplaced priorities!! 

Every since 30 year old, Mhd-Bin-Salman (MBS)
Mhd Bin Salman. 
ascend in to scene in Saudi Arabia, I have been tweeting and posting thoughts that this man means business and is going to be a game changer in Middle east history. I am glad, I am proved right, with his proclamation as Crown prince with next ascendant to Throne. MBS means business, clear thinking, tough stance on Iran, Closer cooperation with USA, besides planning to take extreme religious Wahabis head on as well as Women empowerment. I am sure Saudi Arabia needs him like Oxygen in a confined space. I see a positive Saudi and middle east in 20-30 years time with current state of affairs long forgotten and people moved on for good! Macron in his 30s, MBS too 32, goes to show young are taking world by storm and good for the world!!

This week marks 55 years of  the famous speech of JFK at Berlin as well as Dismantling of Check point Charlie. What an inspiring speech, that stands for everything freedom offers. I am glad I had set my foot at the historic foot to feel what it is like. I wish Selfie had come then! (1994)! 
Check Point Charlie, East-West Berlin entry point! 1994 my visit 
Joseph Finder dished out awesome fiction. "The Switch" is a master tale of an innocuous event of mix up of laptop of US Congresswomen with a Coffee chain owner @ LA Airport. While plot is fiction, the concept is fact and makes you scary that you are no longer entitled to privacy. I am reminded of Eric Schmidt saying!!!
Just finished an awesome book(let) on Trust!! Ken Blanchard delivers super,snap, so practical aspects. ABCD Model !! Trust that works!! 

Today is 90th Birth Anniversary of Kannadasan master Lyricist!! Songs flowed like water downhill! So unlucky we lost him in his 50s!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
24/6/17. 1230pm.

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