Sunday, June 25, 2017

Education systems! Hindi OZIGAA, Airport 77!, GUJARAT MODEL !!!

1) People ask me how I remember my engagement date 24th June 1990. Simple, usually the boy goes to see the girl to get engaged. In my case, as I was tied up with work schedule,I made clear that girl's family if they interested to proceed further,(I had sent out detailed profile about me, likes, dislikes, expectations a 2 pager) should come to GUJARAT to meet me. (Some would have considered I am nuts, so be it)! Lalitha and her parents took the gamble. So I remember the date, she was the first girl I saw. (I was very clear,not more than a girl to see any way& marriage is lottery and I left the protocol of choosing that possible girl to grandparents and parents) hahahahha!!

2) While Bangalore may be cool, shady, pleasant in temperature, the UV factor plays tricks! I gave up walking now 230pm, 20 min in to it as discomfort due to UV radiation intense! Strange!!
It was shocking to see CBSE valuation of papers, revaluation mess, delays in declaring results, moderation of marks etc. Looks like education system is in mess. This morning over coffee at 530am, Lalitha was explaining the new system planned for 10th final exam with 3 exams with best of 2 and they would have weightage of 20%! My head just spin and thank god I was having cup of coffee to hold me! The least said about NEET medical entrance exam, the better!! A Tamil friend of mine whose kid scored 1180++ /1200 and topped as top 10 in state board, has managed only 360 out of 720 in NEET showing the Gulf in education systems? Who is to blame, who takes name? Who cares?? Is private schools, coaching remedy! I was also floored, when Lalitha said Schools charge Rs. 15 Lacs for XI, XII for dishing out top notch performance. (Hostel other expenses separate). Also on the rise in Boarding school, where kids right from Grade 3rd onwards study away from parents so that parents are not perturbed?? Is this real where is this all going ?? I wonder!!

While I speak Hindi and see it is a good thing to know,(My Pakistan visits started because I was fluent with Urdu /Hindi to make HSE Impact at work there) I am against all HINDI imposition. As a Staunch ANTI BJP/ANTI MODI my dislike for HINDI has grown immensely as I see HINDI back door entry their motto. I have began the unlearning of Hindi in my personal sphere of influence ( Like the French do, I would understand Hindi conversation, but would reply in English, Tamil, Gujarati as I see fit) I read this excellent blog post by Sarvanan Karthikeyan in TAMIL this morning which traces history Hindi back door entry. Also HINDI is not national language as made out to be! Personally I get furious especially in COW BELT people ridicule we south Indians for not knowing HINDI and think not knowing Hindi amounts to treachery!! I have now stopped my work visit to such places!!! 

Arthur Hailey is a master story teller! His in depth coverage of operational, people issues in Hotel, Hospital, Banks, Automobile is just breathtaking with fiction mixed with facts. The issues in Airport Industry was well captured in Novel AIRPORT, which was adapted in to movies. (Runway ZERO 08, as Airport 75, and subsequent as Airport 77) I recollect watching the 77 version about 40 years back which was breath taking and etched in you forever.....  

I cant help laughing out loud at GUJARAT Model that is ooed and awed and how MODI used it to become PM! I have posted 100s of tweets but never covered it in my blog!So here I go. MODI became PM as there was no alternate and III term to CONGOONS was a recipe for a disaster in 2014.(Another matter 3 years of MODI is all NATO-->NO ACTION,TALK ONLY & worst Team in Indian governance history) Gujaratis are nice blokes,warm hospitality, god fearing people. But beyond that, in terms of education, health care, child mortality, woman miscarriage during pregnancy, openness to adapt, generic educational Intelligence, (IQ,EQ ecosystems) it has some long way to go before reaching satisfactory level of performance even for Indian average and light years back in terms of performance matching South India.Yes, in terms of Industrialisation, revenue generation it is up there but when was last time that these items brought quality life!! Also our personal experiences were nothing great on these front to write home,about the 12 years, I (5 for Lalitha) spent. As I said at beginning, great people to socialise, but life is beyond socialising. I am not even going on the social security with curfew etc etc!!! 

Ok, take it easy, take care,stay safe,god bless

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