Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RIP!! Ramesh Narayan!!


I am sad and shocked to hear from Anand who called from Oman last night about passing away of  Shri. "RAMESH NARAYAN" at Bangalore last week. Stunning was my first reaction.

Ramesh has been our family friend over the last 37 years from our Karaikudi days. He landed for schooling during 1979 and was Anand's classmate during his school and college days. The 6 years, 1979-1985, that I had interacted ( I moved to Bombay 1985) Ramesh didnt manage to utter a single word in Tamil and got on with life with English conversations (No one knew Hindi then) A jovial, happy go lucky guy was he back then. 

Ramesh leaves behind his family, besides his Mother and an Elder brother and an Elder sister who are very well known to me from those days. Ofcourse, as with time, you tend to drift away, and 30 years is a long time to let people adrift. Lalitha last met him in 2008 or so during our house construction time here at Malleswaram. 

May his Soul rest in peace,God bless his soul and pray for the family to bear this sudden irrepairable loss. 

13/6/17 0840am. 

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