Saturday, June 10, 2017

Museum of Failure, Exoplanet 4500C Day temp, 6day war! Hiding in plain Sight!!!!

1) Lalitha and I were just stunned,A student who was scoring GPA 6 in math,approached Lalitha for coaching sessions and she took up the challenge to turn around.(usually she never takes for coaching below 8!!) The student travelled 90 min one way everyday without missing sessions in shitty Bangalore traffic. Indeed the student scored GPA a perfect 10th in CBSE exam. We were stunned  when the parents came home with the Silver portrait of Goddess Saraswathi (the knowledge wisdom custodian) as a parting memento.

2) hhhahhahahh!!HAHAHHAH! Lalitha and I coming back from our morning walk, were discussing about UK Politics, Corbyn and May etc. Lalitha was not aware that Theresa is forming minority coalition Govt with support of DUP which is northern Ireland party. When I mentioned that, her first reaction was "I hope there are No INDIAN MP (10#) buggers in that party,who would set bad example loot,plunder or our Indian folks go and corrupt their mind" as is case in every F*** (My insert ahhhahah) Indian coalitions !! While I have very poor opinion of anything Indian as a process and systems and especially very filthy and unprintable views on politicians. It was music to my ears  to hear Lalitha too having similar views!! hahahahhah!!! 

I am of the firm view that you learn much more from failure than things go well and won't know if it is due to fluke or your effort. The planning for potential failure before hand helps you to steer things when enemy is at the doorstep. So I am very happy to find that  museum of failure inaugurated at Stockholm this week. I must thank my managers even 25 years back who allowed to experiment the " F**** Try a lot and FAIL FAST" which helped to work with intelligent risk taking a trait which is getting extinct...... 

Exoplanet with a day side temperature of 4500 C found on Jupiter arena !! hahahahahhahhahhahahahhahahh!!! 
டேய் பொம்பளை கோபம் வந்தா, சூடு லச்சம் டிகிரி டா! நம்ம பொசிங்கிடுவோம் !!! இது என்ன பிஸ்கோத்து !!!! (This is nothing compared to an ANGRY WOMAN!)

This week marks 50th anniversary of Israeli 6 day war, which Israelis just decimated their Arab neighbours like swatting mosquito! While I was too young to remember the event, the legacy was still spoken around as I beginning to get to know things around. Israel was even then in awe and they sealed the Arab's fate in 1973 Yom Kippur, which I distinctly remember! 2 Women leader (Meir, Mrs Gandhi) fought 2 war and won massive win within 2 years of each other!!! Astonishing. Also Thatcher in 81 Falklands annihlated Argentina! Boy those were times!! 

While I don't remember 67 war, I distinctly remember the event the next year, where and when I heard it who told me ( I was then 4 year kid), That was the assassination of Robert F Kennedy this week 1968!! Shows how popular Kennedy's were half world away!! Interesting that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan (who was 23 then) is still denied parole even after 50 years and wont get a hearing until 2021!!!

 I recollect a joke, a guy was passing thro daily on a bike,international border and suspicious custom authorities checked and found nothing.They had inkling that guy is doing mischievous /illegal and cant figure out. So the officers when retired from service,asked him to be upfront, he admitted, I was daily smuggling a new BIKE and sold for profit across border. ahhahah! I am reminded of that!! READ THIS! I will keep you in suspense!! ehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehh!!!! 

I see list of 100 Rich Sportsmen fee, winning, endorsements etc, released this week. Not a single women! hmmmmm!! Also only one Cricketer at #89!!! Lot of catch up to do!!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe.

PS: NBA Final Game #4, is NBA fixed always for 7 game climax!!! Wonder!! 

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