Monday, June 05, 2017

May his soul rest in peace, TSV HARI!!!


I am shocked and saddened beyond words to read the passing away of Veteran Journalist and my good friend TSV Hari, a couple of days back at Bombay due to cardiac arrest.

I enjoyed his writing in both Tamil and English. He covered politics, Analysis of events, Fiction, besides general philosophy linked to life!! His writing in Tuglaq under Pseudonym "VENKAT" I recollect from the days I read Tamil magazine in 80s!! Hari, like me, brutally blunt and Candid!  
My memorable peice of his writing was his interaction with Fredick Forsyth in UK. Forsyth is a legendary author with Day of Jackal, Fist of God etc. 

Hari's personal side /life is also very complex as I could infer from his writing linked to his personal side. Some learning for men, I guess that some men are very lucky with family and not all get it! Count your blessings!  

He will be dearly missed. May his soul rest in peace.

5/6/2017 1120am 

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