Monday, May 29, 2017

JFK 100 !!!! 29.5.2017! Special Tribute!!!

1) My jaw dropped at the rate the new generation scout for things that bring ill health to themselves! I found this in the fridge now, with 40% Sugar content in the milkshake, what could be more disastrous to health! என்னத்த சொல்ல !

I was listening to TED Talk on why schools should start late for teens during my morning walk this morning, I fully agree that schools beginning before 9am puts lot of pressure on kids! Imagine my surprise when I saw buses lining up at 645am pick up and these kids may travel good 1 hr for even 8am start, which is early by any standards!!! Wonder such an early start makes any sense!! 

Today, 29th May 2017, marks 100th Birth Anniversary of John F Kennedy. I have posted my thoughts on Facebook in series of threads covering his life, Man on the Moon, cabinet, sibling, family! Amazing to imagine that he could ascend in to presidency at the age of 43 to be the youngest man elected to the oval office and also the first catholic president. It is mind boggling that Johnson, Nixon, Gerald Ford and Regan who all succeeded JFK as #POTUS, were all born before him. 
JFK was an amazing inspiration to me in my teens of 70s. The Indo- USA relations were initiated and strengthened during his presidency, (of course hit all time low during Nixon) to reach a high level which is well established now.

I am sure, Come 2117 AD, 100 years from now, The generation then would remember JFK and his legacy at the same amazement as world still looks at Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Gandhi about 200 Years on!!!
Take care, stay safe, God Bless
29/5/17 0830am.
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