Saturday, May 27, 2017

Russian Ozigaa in Latvia, What a planning HOLI 2018, No more Secrets, Breakfast UK schools!

1)Amazed to see this Uniform shirt of Auto Rixa driver being used as Advertising space, that too for a movie!! வாழ்க இந்தியா !!! விளங்கிடும்! 

2)Summer well and truly gone from Bangalore, been pouring over last 10 days, and predictions are showers every day until 10th June. This year weather god has been kind to Bangalore. 
3) Lalitha was amazed that I notice things around during morning walk, this was the Indian Spices display at the Restaurant at ORION Mall, so many varieties to make Indian cuisine distinct / unique.

As they saying goes "The crow is black everywhere" the language issue of Hindi imposition by Stupid central government in southern states is raging issue. ஹிந்தி ஒழிக Gang I am active member!! hahaah! So I was intrigued to hear the same issue in Latvia, where 40% Russian ethnicity live and want Russian to be the language, which the local resist! So language always comes to divide folks, I guess!!

I was amazed by planning that Americans put in to events! The HOLI 2018 celebrations which are 10 months away and details have all been worked out for folks to work out to participate! I am sure our folks would work only 10 days prior! My American friends sent this across and asked if I play HOLI! I responded "NEVER" 

Over last few months, I am personally very intrigued, even uncomfortable with the fact that Facebook and other platforms is showing profiles of folks that I meet in Real life through Phone call, Email to whom there is no connection in Social Media is appearing as Friend suggestions! Also is when you call service providers the Ads appear in Facebook, Twitter pages! This is very disconcerting and intrusion in to one's personal space! I wonder if Quitting SM is a good way!! 
Intriguing to read about in UK, like our TN, midday meal the breakfast in schools in UK is gaining momentum and could be an election issue! Amazing! 

I would leave with this awesome video which came in whatsapp today! More relevant in North South divide!! Awesome one, as I don't watch much of tv, this was released in 2005!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe! God Bless
27/5/17, 1155am

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