Saturday, May 20, 2017

ISLAM HATES US!!! Flying Dutchman, FireIce, Raymond Harold Sawkins- Know him???

1) I am now back to walking during morning(6am) at Brigade space next to home! ( I find home terrace walk hurting legs a lot,wonder why??? ) this 40 acre space with plenty of open are for breeze to gash, water bodies to cool is delight! I do 70 minutes, trying to push to 90-100 in coming days!
2) Dad tests,scans done!! Man?? hahahah! I now know what it was to salvage Titanic??? hehehehehh!!! 

As I type, Airforce 1 is on its way to Saudi Arabia, the first port of call for Trump! The man who said Islam hates us!! Trump is sure to sign 100 Bn$ worth of deal that would play super in to jobs in USA agenda! It goes to show, (Hindu Stupid ass holes of Saffron scoundrel BJP, should note) When it comes to business & Governance, feeding stomach is the main thing!!--> மீன் வித்த காசு நாறாது ! Also personally having 100s of Muslim friends across the world, that I know, not one has more than one wife, preach hatred or has ever been caught in anti national activities!! Goes to show at common survival level, all people are same. My view is ISIS and its equivalent are a way of life, which is even beyond comprehension of ordinary Muslims! PERIOD! 

Interesting to read the Dutch king was indeed a FLYING DUTCHMAN!! (Frequent flyer name of KLM) It was bizzare that people never recognised him! except  perhaps his voice from aircraft cockpit!! 

Amazing to read that FIREICE, a game changer in energy is discovered and successfully extracted by CHINA! While it may take 20 years to extract  massive scale such due to technology upgrades that are required, I cant help wonder how energy finds keep changing as need /greed for it keeps increasing! I cant help look with helplessness, CHINA, KOREA much poorer than us 1980!! Leapfrogged!!! 

I completed the last of Colin Forbes Book, Thursday night!! Forbes died in 2006 a few weeks after completing" THE SAVAGE GORGE"
 “The Savage Gorge is, sadly, Colin Forbes' last novel. He delivered the completed manuscript to his publishers at the end of July and three weeks later, on 23rd August 2006, he died. Simon & Schuster are honoured to publish The Savage Gorge in memory of Colin and his long, distinguished career as the author of 33 internationally bestselling thrillers.”

Excerpt From: Colin Forbes. “The Savage Gorge.epub.” iBooks. 

Forbes unique style is to mix, intelligence, brutal attack without remorse! Tweed, Paula, Marlar, Paul Newman, Harry Butler would always be etched with you all your life time like Perry Mason, Holmes, Mallory, Miller, Andrea!!! Forbe's ultimate best was "STONE LEOPARD" which I must have re read good 20 times in 35 years!!! (Now costs Rs.6000 here hahha) What I like very much about Forbes is like Alistair Maclean, Desmond Bagley Forbes never mixed SEX at working relationship!! I don't ever recollect reading an explict content in his 33 novels....... 
Raymond Harold Sawkins aka Colin Forbes!! I have read 700 Books, Ask me to pick one, only one!! His' "Stone Leopard" perhaps!!!

CLIMAX From "STONE LEOPARD" etched even after 35 years like DAY OF THE JACKAL!!!! 
Take care stay safe, god bless
20/5/17 1025am.... 

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