Saturday, May 06, 2017

Greed is Good! 3000 !!! Death sentence & Judge Karnan, Macron!

1) Looks like time to change my phone, 3 yrs is a lot for Android, proximity sensor gone as well as auto shut down and restart takes 135 apps update!! 

2) I had a great business trip in Vadodara/Gujarat. Great to catch up with folks. 
With Hitul Joshi Site EHS Manager. 
My visit to Gujarat this week, I get the sense that BJP would be back in power in 2017. The seats could be between 95-105 in 182 assembly. Opposition is missing so people have no option to choose an alternative. What is also shocking is level of ineptness, corruption, delay that have plagued in to the system over last 3 years so it is back to the 1990s days which I have witnessed (85-96). License renewal takes ages, new permissions are in tray. Any amount of bribe paid also is not delivering results. Gestation period is 3 years as was case in a client site, signing MOU on day Anandiben took office and facility commissioned in May 2017. I was also astonished to hear from business friends over dinner that Private sector corruption is rampant with as much as 40% going as kick backs to officers/exec in corporate HQ be in Amdavad or Bombay. While this is nothing new in other parts especially in IT/Telecom sector where one need to know travel agents, Pimps who can deliver Prostitutes to corp exec to get job done or give 3paise per cup or Km car driven, the kickbacks in manufacturing sector which makes products that can differentiate life and death in all aspects is just a shocker and goes to show how much greed has crept in! 
Greed has overtaken everything!

I have touched the milestone of 3000 connections in LINKEDIN this week over 118 months of being registered with the portal. I must tell you over past couple of years Linkedin is a big let down become glorified Facebook with Coat Suit !! I have practically stopped messaging or use its interface except to connect with folks whom I meet in Blood and flesh. The job portal search, discussion forms all look hoax with no tangible results seen from folks I know across the spectrum. So sad to see such degradation! I would be happy to hear feedback to change my views!! 

Looks like of the 100s of people I have spoken to including folks at home and family, I am the one who is feeling that DEATH sentence in Delhi Rape muder case is NOT RIGHT!! While I am a strong conservative, I am no fan of death penalty as it serves no purpose. More so as person who is carrying out Behavioural change process for employee engagement, a Behaviour modification can happen only when other requisites like culture, feeling wanted, etc exist. Punishment can never work as a deter! While I can empathise with the family of victim and they may feel that one death sentence each may be even lighter, I am firm view only BARBARIC NATIONS send its people to Gallows. So I still feel the sentence may under go many reviews and may get reduced to life with No release.... I am not sure this crime is any more than killing of Rajiv Gandhi Killing......  
On judicial front, I am very happy to see Justice Karnan taking the Supreme Court by scruff off the neck and calling the SC Judges practically deranged and ordering examination.
However, I am disappointed with the judge's stance that he is being harassed by the system because he is DALIT (Untouchable for my western readers). I think he has reached the top position of judiciary due to his legal acumen and effort and now to take shelter in the name of caste would do him no good. As I tweeted, in my life, I always considered me a good human being, a man, a good husband and a great father!!I never even allowed myself to think that I am a South Indian or even an Indian!!! How such shades matter? I wonder!!

Je vous laisse penser qu'il semble signé, scellé et livré que "Emmanuel Macron" serait le prochain président de la France !!!
LePen the Evil with Macron the Gentleman!! hahahahhaah!!!! 

Barring any miracle!! He leads by good 24% points!! I think his victory would bring stability to world reeling under the hate, venom, divisive ways of Modi, Trump etc. Let's hope France sets the path for UK (??) Germany to follow!! I am sure today's leak are desperate effort to derail his campaign! I guess too little too late unlike Hillary. She was secretive, no great image and Clinton name Baggage! Macron the unknown in a larger sense carrys no such baggage!! 

I leave you with the news on bunch off lay off across Indian sectors! Read this from Cognizant! so massive lay off in Auto, Telecom sectors!! India Shining?? My ASS!!! 

Good luck,take care, god bless
6/5/17 11am. 

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