Tuesday, May 23, 2017

RIP Sir Ffolkes!!!!


What a day it has been Double Tragedy!

The day began worse with the Manchester bombing got much worse with the death of Sir Roger Moore at age of 89 following his battle with Cancer.

While Roger Moore may be well known for his James Bond movies. My memory will always be etched as "Ffolkes" a strategy commando in "NORTH SEA HIJACK"!! A totally contrasting character effortlessly done. I watched the movie in Coimbatore, CENTRAL theatre I guess 1984!! I personally loves such character who conquer in the absence of sex, women which are a a distraction in mission. ( More so on Colin Forbes, Alistair MaClean mold) 

In contrast to those parts, he is shown here as a bearded, eccentric, arrogant cat-loving, misogynist showing heroic qualities as a master strategist. Moore once said in an interview that he preferred this film to all the James Bond movies he had starred in while acknowledging that he had been miscast in the lead role.

Rest in peace Sir.

23/5/17 2000 Hrs.

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