Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tamil,Somebody watching me??(Indian), கேடி மோடி வெளு , Sheraton 6 yrs!


1)I am amazed in a sense to see my Blogpost on Dad @80,has reached highest # for any of my posts views/clicked over last 12 years of Blogging with close to 1500 in FB+Blog+ Linkedin combined!! Particularly intrigued and mystifying with close to 1000 hits on LINKEDIN,a business platform,for which it was commenced in 2005 or so and now a glorified Face book with Coat, Suit, Business Skirt!!!  

2) I have grown up with lot of Railway environment and trains are emotional connect to our generation. So I clicked the picture yesterday when Rajdhani Express passing during my morning walk. I have never travelled by this train, I wonder with all the time constraint, I would take up a journey on the train?? May be in my 70s?????

I was amazed to receive above video from my schoolmate on 10 of world's oldest languages. Tamil#1 was a big surprise for me! I was aware it would be in Top 3 or so! I still feel TAMIL may not be the oldest language as below video shows! But the discussions shall never end!!
I recollect the 1980 song, Somebody watching me Colin Rockwell?? IRS???? Now 37 years later this video has its Indian version!! hahahh! With Bastard Jetlee, bugger!! No surprise!!!

I have posted before; some of Belligerent meme that Tamils pose on MODI!! I think of all Indian community who have their grouse against, Tamils are the only one who go hammer and Tongs against for his inept handling of Governance!! Here are few that I came across!! I keep saying MODI & His Government is a Cancer, what can't be cured has to be endured until it decimates!!! 

லலித் மோ(ச)டி , நரேந்திர மோ(ச)டி நடுவில் சுஷ்மா ahhahahah!!!

கேடி பில்லா கில்லாடி ரங்கானா அது நீங்கதான் மோடி அண்ணே !

Of all the Sheraton Hotels I visit, the Brigade one near my home, one of the best! They complete 6 years. Good luck! The food and ambiance is awesome! Full value for money you pay as well as occasions worth remembering!!

Shravan Karthik 1st Pay Cheque Treat Aug 2016!!! Awesome feel, Sheraton added splendour to occasion! No wonder!!
OK Until next week, take it easy, take care, God Bless
Mother's Day 2017. 0930 Hrs.

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