Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dad 80 Today !!

Today Dad, Dr TMB as he is known in #CECRI, Karaikudi, is entering 80 today!! Interesting times for a man born before India got its freedom. A life that is being well lived with a great wife to take care as well as good Kids(???) to charter his course since retirement in 1999. 
Dad 60th Birthday 1998, Here with his and Mom Sibling Family!!! (Few have departed since) 

We plan a formal celebrations with family and friends late summer when other family members can gather at Karaikudi. 

I was wondering what could be 5 thing that we would have in common and 5 things that we stand out poles apart!!

5 Things in common!!!!
1) Both have birthdates official and Personal which are very different. Those were days that if you manage to touch your left ear with right hand, you are assumed aged 6 and date is back calculated!! (Try this to a 4-5 yr kid, he can't)!
2) We both Began our career at Bombay Dad at 1960 at Fort, me too at Kalwa 1985 with Corporate HQ at Fort.
3) We both admirers of West Indies team as only team to follow and loathe Indian Cricket worse than ISIS/Al Qaeda.
4) Both Breathe through Explicit, ofcoure me more in English and Dad in Tamil. For, Mom and Lalitha, a horrible cultural shock but got used to it!!(Hahhah! My Son makes me school kid!!!hehhehe).
5) Both have always believed in Marry and Love and kept a very healthy distance from women around. In fact Dad is like Donald Trump in his words to bash even his women colleagues, equal opportunity scolder with explicit laced in!! I am little more circumspect, of course, me being in manufacturing, far far less fairer sex engagement......

Of course, we both a great sibling to grow with; Dad with 3 (Chama, Vichu, late Naagu) me (Anand, Gayathri, Veni) !! 

5 Things we differ:-

1) Dad and I never agree on anything. If Dad says East, I would say West.
2) Dad a High "S" very people focused with empathy to tasks, me High "D" task focused with I dont Mind, You don't matter.
3) Dad empowerment to manage home to mom 0,(ofcourse, mom accepted to play II fiddle) Me to Lalitha 100!  (the joke in Family is the best help Karthik can do is to do no help!!hahahahh).
4) Dad vigorous follow up on issues wont rest until done. Me more, if you didn't get me, it is your bad luck!!
5) U need to believe this, as of 11th May 2017, Dad has not seen or touched a computer screen, smart phone or used a key pad to type even his name!! (போங்கடா, முட்டா *** )would be his typical response!! ahhaahhahahh! 

His acid test to pass came when in 1990, half way in to his Ph.D, when Mom was diagnosed for breast cancer, 8 months down the line, managed to conquer both and arranged my marriage in between!!( I was 1000 miles away then) I am yet to face such acid test!! In such a tense situation, only dad can go to my then Fiancee Lalitha,and tell her,கார்த்திக் ஒரு லூசு பய; கிராக்!!! (For that alone, I should marry only Lalitha in next 10 rebirths!!

With my In (Out) Laws!! ahhahahahahh!!

53rd wedding day, 31/1/2016

Deepavali 2015???? Cant remember!! 

Whatsapp msg to MOM !!!! 

Dad regret, He never watched Ramadin Valentine bowl here! His favorite players along Walcott,Worrel, Weekes, Kanahi, Sobers !!!! 

Lalitha and Dad -------> Gooja Jaalraa for each other!!! heheheheheh! 

Hahahahh!! I arranged T20 final recording 4*6s!!! (I loathe T20, consider worse than PORN) 

Dad Mom 1981 Grandfather 80th Birthday (Sathabisekham) KKDI 

Dad Kidney cancer surgery, 2015!! He was back to normal in days 
ahhahahahahhhahahahhahah) That's dad for you...... 

I wish him the very best!! May be 90 perhaps! His parents both hit mid 90s!!! 

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