Sunday, May 07, 2017

Leadership Cliches!!! Vulnerability!! Amul Rasna Girl!!!

1) My Android Nexus Phone once again fell and crashed!! (Laltiha doesn't know how, thankfully she wont read my blog!!) Morning walk, I swung it like centrifugal giant wheel, holding the ear phone chord connected to it while listening to Business daily podcast!!! It just flew a projectile and crashed!! I sensed immediately, it is gone!! Looks like now it restarted!! I haven't checked yet if it is working mode!!! ahhaahhahahh!!! 1230pm it is working!! 

2) Lalitha's parents were here last week. So a picture!!!! I guess, I have relented a lot in 27 years to be atleast neutral( From being very indifferent) when in laws visit me!! I am still not wired fully, In laws are still out laws!!! ahhahahhah!!! Lalitha's one heart burn would remain forever,about me!!!! Any relations beyond blood, (be it even a future son in law????) is still incomprehendable to me????!! Daughter- in-law??? I havent thought about it? We will see when we cross one!! hahahhhah!!! 

Ofcourse, My father in law is one of the very very very rare people (< 5) to whom I give respect without expecting any reciprocity! A gesture which doesn't come easily from me, ( I am High"D" Naturally; so don't blame me!hahahah) 

I totally agree with Lucy on too much jargon being used in conversations as well as business!! Too many cliche which means nothing as she says in this podcast! I am sick tiered of such statements as I go around only to find the Knowing-Doing gap in both leadership and technical aspects is as wide as River Mississippi in miles as I had seen while flying over it! (Widest river I have ever seen) 

I am halfway in to Adam Grant, Sheryl Sandberg's book "OPTION-B"! I have decided to order a print version for Lalitha to read! Sheryl exposes so many vulnerability, fallibility that may come despite we feel we have everything covered!! Again, many of the facts she touches up on is nothing new to Indian way of life,
but the way it is expressed is what that makes the difference. I have just ordered it for Lalitha! hahahah!

Nice video came on the 50th Birthday of AMUL Girl!! Having lived in Gujarat and been to Anand there, I know the impact operation Flood!! Verghese Kurien, what a man, Salute!! Also I recollect the Rasna Girl of 80s!! What a drink it was!! 

Continuing with food received tons from MOM, this Mixture a mix of various savouries at Madurai is my favourite!! Mom brought this along with Nei Seeval (Crushed betal nuts) last night!! hahahah! Happy Hunting.
Neeiseeval- Crushed Betal nuts flaked and soaked in rose scented sugary syrup and crushed cashew thrown in! A must munch after a very very heavy South Indian meal!!! 
Ok, Take care, stay Safe
7/5/17 1300 Hrs. 
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