Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OBOR, RIP Swiss Machine, Never listen to your wife!!!

I pinched myself in disbelief as I saw  vehicles parked with way being given for oncoming traffic 7am! It is such a mess/chaos outside my apartment when the railway crossing gate is closed.Something weird and not appear to be right, I felt so I clicked a shot (I was back from Morning walk) hahahahah! 

OBOR-One Belt One Road of China is a huge step forward to connect China trade route matching the ancient silk route. With 4 Trillion $ investment planned, Xi JinPing is taking China economy to the next level. What this also does is to work PLAN B for every possible crisis around its geography which Korea, Japan, India can bring about! China moving leaps and bounds, of course this kind of investment is needed to keep growth happening and people quiet. Would we ever learn, that economic development through Infrastructure, Modern laws, Electricity and Clean water and Air are way to govern and bring change besides decent Labor laws!! Not Cow, Hindu, Yoga etc!! hmmm! Experts compare this to Marshall Plan to rejuvenate Europe/Japan post II WW! While I doubt the comparison is valid! (Marshall plan more a give away to boost world mess then) 

I was to post last week on death of Ueli Steck, the Swiss machine, who climbed peaks with every risk and absolutely no back up! This happened in Himalayas, Nepal! Some people live very different! I recollect 120,000 feet fall break sound barrier and another guy from 30,000 feet fall no parachute. I am also firm believer that it was George Mallory who first climbed Mt. Everest than Hillary! 
Ueli Steck climbed with an ice ax in each hand, crampons on each foot, and a helmet. No partner. No rope. Nothing that kept him tethered to the mountain.
101 year old WW II veteran, Verdum Hayes, jumped this week from sky to become the oldest parachute jumper! He repeated the act did 73 years ago on Normandy Landing!! This time he decided not to listen to his wife after listening to her for 10 years and did so after she departed(No one to pester I guess) !! hahah!!!! Want success,never listen to your wife,once in a while! 

Take care,stay safe! God Bless
16/5/17. 0905 am.
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