Sunday, May 28, 2017

My 10 years on Facebook!Chinese Sweet Vengence& Revenge!! BRICS Shambles,45 Years #TMS!

Housekeeping:- 1) CBSE XII standard results have been announced, I am amazed at the phone calls that are coming for Lalitha from the overwhelmed parents of students thanking her. Not only She coaches students for stellar performance, she prepares students to take issues in all aspects of education and life head on besides to bring interest in studies! Having had a glimpse of her teaching over the past 4 years, (hahhah!! நான் மழைக்கு கூட ஸ்கூல் ஒதுங்காதவன், I am more good education are for Idiots !!) I am not surprised over the passion with which she coaches students that is leading to stellar performance.

2) It has been pouring every evening practically over the last  week. Looks like pre monsoon has arrived and appears to be one of the wettest month of MAY in my memory! 

I was surprised this morning when my Facebook page popped up a video which kind of captures my 10 years of Facebook. 2007 was the year I joined Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. In fact the attention /attraction on the three social media platforms, made me to move away from Bogging. But over the years, I have concluded that Social Media platforms are getting hijacked by GOONS and their loyal scoundrels who defend the indefensible of their masters in politics and Religion. I very much doubt I would even bother about 20 years on such stupid SM Platforms. I already have 0 presence on LinkedIN. It has become JUNKEDIN!!!

hahhahahh!! I care a hoot about Indian movies and all the crap shit pot it dishes out! It has been 32 years since I watched a South Indian one and 28 years since sin of Hindi Shit pot!! But I cant help laughing when I saw the Bhabulai crap in my whatsapp video yesterday! After all the calcification, death by 10000 cuts of Jackie Chan, Shaolin movies in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc, Chinese have taken a sweet revenge! So we can imagine how they must be feeling when their movie butchered in Indian languages!! hahahah!!

Brazil in mess, the President who is not even one year in to office is caught on huge /massive corruption scandal. South Africa all set to be a failed state with absolute chaos with no leader since independence even remotely capable of governance. Least Said about India the better! We are land of over promise, Modi=Sibal =0 delivery of results! Russia's Putin, is all about managing TV; Fridge can finger F*** it's ass! who cares! So u wonder why the goddamn BRICS was even initiated! I was always sceptical of the entity and I am glad it is crumbling apart. 

Test Match special this week on the commencement of English season is my 45th of active following of Cricket! English and Aussie Cricket are only two aspects that still keeps my last glue to cricket, especially Test match one covering NON ASIAN Teams. (Asian teams all thieves, fraud, corrupt with most of the matches fixed and players with 0 moral integrity same as mercenaries!) I recollect with nostalgia the TMS commentary team as well as Radio Australia team that made game so pleasure to hear! Even now, my tv time for Ashes which I watch is 15 to 20 min/test match.

CMJ, Johnners, Bailey, Mosey, Blofeld what a team!!
Alan McGilvary who brought cricket to your eyes through his voice!!! 

Who can forget this TMS!! I was listening LIVE !!!hahahhahah!!!

Alan McGilvary's last innings commentary!! 1985 at OVAL !! I recollect hearing!! Thank you TMS!!  

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
28/5/17 1250pm.
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