Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hassan Rouhani, Sit and die! Indian Economy shit hitting fan! Sonique-Any 1 Remembers??

1) This week 1983, I completed my Graduation!! Cant believe that so much time has passed, but that is life!! I am glad I did visit the campus during an audit in 2010, during my corporate life at #HONEYWELL, which is now part of campus!! 

Thiagrajar College of Engineering Madurai 

Honeywell Facility at TCE
2) Everything has become a source of greed! Usually in the followup visit to doctors for discussion of reports, up to 3-5 days usually is free as tests takes time! Malya Hospital, I was surprised that within 48 hrs, as I did yesterday to discuss Dad's scan/ test results I was charged Rs. 250 as consultation fee!! Everywhere Greed has set in! What to say! 

Looks like the Nationalism, stupid conservatives wave has been halted and trend of stupid Idiots calling shots for governance is over! Iran has sensibly reelected Hassan Rouhani for the II term of 4 years. What was heartening was the conservative morons pushed their effort for vote gathering, seeing this the alarmed liberals, common man, responded with vengeance and waited even 4-5 hours in queue (even overseas where ballot papers were flown in to meet rush)and few even missed their flights. The 56-38% is just sweeping margin that should Rouhani free space to work for economical development of Iran and go to negotiation table for a peaceful middle east. My take on Iran is it is any day better state to deal with than Saudis, yes it poses the greatest threat to the existence of Israel, so need to be watched.My belief is Israel is ready for Iran any time!! 

This is a very powerfule video, Sitting does more damage than smoking, drinking or eating donuts !! Many dont realise it! Try to do 15,000 steps a day! Would you! 

I was very sad to read last week that GM facility at Halol was closed, it was one of the best facilities I have seen during my HSE Audits. Now comes news that GM is pulling itself out of Indian operations and would operate its Indian facilities for export market!! Goes to show the grim reality of doing business in India! Personally I am not surprised, given India known for Jugaad and this joke! 
As a joke goes about:-
“CEO of Audi while justifying its high cost to sell the same to a Rich Indian,
CEO of Audi while justifying its high cost
We have 12 airbags, Safety controls, safety censors, safety parking assistance,
Rich Indian : You don’t worry about safety.
We have saint Sai Baba and Lord Ganpati bappa on the dashboard, Powerful Hanuman ji on rear view mirror,
Nimbu Mirch (Lemon,Chilli garland tied to cast of evil eye) on bumper And godess Maata ji ni Lal Chunri (Lucky charm cloth) around steering;
You reduce the price; as no safety feature needed!!! …!!”

Is it dead /end of the road for mp3!! looks like, AAC it seems is taking the ride of life in music format!! I still recollect 1998,(!) SONIQUE mp3 player and astonished to hear Songs Digital. Until then it was all record and CD player in Physical shape! I still miss it! 

OK Have a great weekend! God BlessKarthik.21/5/17 0930am 
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