Saturday, May 13, 2017

Macron & Mugabe! Karnan, Comey, Tony Cozier!!!

1) Delighted to inform the world, seeing my struggle with my ஓட்டலாக்க phone and my stubborn resistance not to replace, Kids(??) decided to gift me a new cellphone Friday. The MotoG5 plus is just awesome. I can feel "How nice it is to receive a gift" 
Children ensured that I get the  Screen gaurd and case Friday itself so the new phone may not damaged against my Monkey tricks! hahahahhah!!!
2) Meet the new combination that rivals அம்மா -சின்னம்மா, Lalitha and Pajaka.(the new Pajaka Milk and products) hahhahahahhahh! Radhu and Shravan mock her for her obsession to this milk and curd as well as fresh food supply. It must be said, over last two months, the quality of cow's milk and curd we enjoy is something outstanding and reminds the milk and yogurt I used to enjoy during my Ireland and Swiss visits on business travel. The owner of Pajaka (An Indian back from Qatar) lives a floor below in our apt so a special connection.

 3) Yesterday when I was travelling by Auto Rixa (to go fix screen guard) (Tuk Tuk as westerners call it) I was amazed to find the fare meter missing! When I asked the driver who is a Tamil, He coolly replied, சம்மர் வகேஷனுக்கு மாமியார் வீடு போயிருக்கு (Gone away on vacation to in law's place) Really enjoyed that answer I tell you! I tipped him 20% extra for that answer also audacity to break rules! (I love such people, for me defying anything the stupid Govt dictates is to be rewarded, also see his dress (no Uniform)!! love it ஹஹஹஹ சித்தராமையா தேசம் வாழ்க) 


I am not sure the French listened to John Oliver plea in impeccable French, for rejecting Asshole Marine Lepen and voted overwhelmingly for Emmanuel Macron! 

hahahah!!!! I wish Macron the very best, the challenges ahead of him are humongous. But with a teacher wife (who taught him and 24 years his elder, she would do a good job to squeeze his testicles should he diverge from agenda (Which Modi bugger lacks)!!! hahahahhha)! I am delighted to hear that for the upcoming French Parliament elections, Macron has set aside, 50% of 577 seats  to "WOMEN" awesome decision. May be France would lead the "MARCH"!!! It is interesting to compare the Idiot Dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert F*** Mugabe is raping the country since Macron was 1 year old kid! What a tragedy!!  

I am watching with astonishment as well as glee the drama that is unfolding between Justice Karnan and Supreme Court of India. What a tragedy and mockery of Indian judicial system. I am 100% on Justice Karnan Side. (I oppose anything that மோ(ச)டி மொள்ளமாரி, கேப்மாரி, ஹிந்தி வெறியன் government does) I am glad கர்ணன்  is taking the most corrupt Judicial system, a run for the money! (I know he may not be  himself a clean judge and could be a ADMK stooge) I agree SC is screwing MODI government royally but the judicial system needs Drain the swamp like hell! (We may never get again a Justice Krishna Iyer or Venkatachalliah) and current judges and systems wont do!

Drain the swamp leads to Trump! What a mess he is getting in to! I wonder he is doing any coordination between his left and right hand! I seriously hope he doesn't end the JFK or Nixon way!! While I agree Comey was kind of Dammed if he does, Doomed if he doesn't,
it  looks repeat of Satuday Massacre of Oct 20, 1973 which shook world when I was 10 yr old kid!) Trump may have a lot to answer and his team has no clue what is coming at them?????

May 11th was First Death Anniversary of my favourite Cricket Commentator Tony Cozier.

A man who brought cricket in front of your eyes when you listen to him. I was lucky to begin listening to him when he visited India 1974 series lead by Clive Lloyd! He was also Dad's favourite commentator too!! While checked for Info, I was amazed to see in 1950 Lords test, WI and ENG bowled 610 overs in 5 days, where as it is not even 450 now! So much Cricket has degraded, I wonder is it due to BCCI (Bastards Crooks Club of Idiots)Buggers calling shots since 1983 fluke win and then beginning to rape the International cricket.

Happy Mother's day tomorrow as well as Chelsea won! (So a dinner awaits from Son, A die hard Chelsea fan, this one written 2005 I think?? ) 

Take care Have a great weekend
13/5/17 0905am.

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