Sunday, August 06, 2017

Vengayaam Bugger, God needs Recommendation !! Indigo 11 years ,அடப்பாவி கூகுளே

#286Housekeeping:-1) I was away to Karaikudi last week. Dad is kind of on and off! The good news is we found a great medically trained nurse to serve him, hopefully the girl stays! With Anand, his wife, Kids, Mom all falling sick (Dengue etc) the decision to shift him or not to Bangalore has been pushed back for some time. What worries me is the absolute lack of medical, test facilities, or Doctor on call to attend such situation at Karaikudi. I would keep you posted. I am amazed at power of prayers.

2) Amazing, the resort I stay in outskirts of Hyderabad, has a wonderful Ayaapaa Temple. As a guy who is not wired to follow the strict norms to go Sabarimala, I am amazed the temple is stone throw distance, shows If thing has to happen, it will happen! I visit the temple twice a day..... With less than 10 people visiting temple, it is all serene, calm, quiet!!

3) Hahahhahhah! Radhu on my video whatsapp call with her yesterday, says I look like a Tamil film VILLAN!! Why? because of Kumkum on my forehead??? Wonder where she got impression I am sure she has seen 0 Tamil movies !! ehhehehehehheh

hahhahahah!!! We are a banana republic proved, VENGAYAAM (Onion in Tamil) the most corrupt, scandalous politician has been voted to office of VP. I have met his name sake from his village during my travel in  Gujarat who knows him for 30 years and was reeling off stunning episodes of this screwball. But then India has been going to dogs in the last 3 years so no big surprise that the shit has hit the fan!! Our consolation is we are better of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan!!!! I am sure end game is near!!! This news that South Asia will be uninhabitable by 2100 confirms it!! With the kind of sins, greed, loot and not thinking of next generations after us, I think INDIA deserves the end!!
Even God requires help push from the powers be!! During my visit to Karaikudi, I visited the Vaidyanatha Swamy, Thayaal Nayaki, Sivan temple. This temple is situated next to Ganesh temple which is 115 years old. I recollect the construction began in late 1960s and stopped for unknown reason for next 20+ years. We use to play cricket there!! When, R Venkatraman, became president, the  Nagarathars/ Chettiars approached him for resolution and he intervened and temple was completed in 1991 and now in to its 26th year !! Strange is it not that god needs recommendation in India, what is hope for common man like you and me????????? 

I was flying INDIGO Wednesday, AUG 4th marks 11 years of launching of INDIGO Airlines,!!! It has come a long way and is now my most preferred airline for my business travels. I recollect out of 100+ flights of mine, only a couple have been delayed by > 30 minutes that too at Bombay runway closure etc. I wish them great success. Of course, the caution in India is JET AIRWAYS was going great until 10+ years and then strike happened and things went downhill never to recover the top notch performance. 
ஹஹஹஹஹஹ டேய் பாவி பய கூகிள் !!!! The CEO is a TAMIL Guy! and this!! ehhehehehehhehehheheh! 
Until next week, take it easy, take care stay safe.
6/8/17, 0820am, Bonthapally! 

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