Sunday, August 13, 2017

DUNKIRK ! Plastic!!! Sir Curtly et all!

#288 13/8/17 1945 hrs

1) Dad Update:- Doctors at Karaikudi have advised us that Dad is not in a medically fit position to be shifted to Bangalore! The Respiratory monitoring and physical fatigue of transfer even with doctor's care in an ICU on wheels are of Moderate risk. Lalitha and I would wok a plan to be there at Karaikudi at regular frequency to work support systems to Mom. Please keep him in your prayers as they work wonders! Thanks. 

2) Today after watching #DUNKIRK at IMAX @Mantri Mall, we ( Shravan and I) took the metro on the home journey. My first visit on Bangalore metro. I was very impressed with cleanliness as well as it gave me different bird view of Bangalore city skyline. Awesome work!!

So It was movie time, after 6 movies in 27 years, I have now decided that with grown up Kids (!!!) around, I need to accept invite to watch movies with them. Yes, English movies are only exception and so it will be one great movie a year!! 2016 was JACK REACHER-2 ( I didnt watch 1) and 2017 today was #DUNKIRK. An awesome movie on British courage, Resilience to evacuate 330,000 allied soldiers from shores of Dunkirk from German onslaught. Christopher Nolan was worked wonders. More so the movie is magic in an INOX environment with amazing visual effect and surround sound around you. My bet is that the movie will bag a couple of Academy awards. I also posted my thoughts on the movie and how it connects to my safety profession yesterday. 

I was listening to the BBC Podcast on 50 things that changed the modern economy and today it was about Plastic. 110 years since Bakelite ( Phenol + Formaldehyde) resin was synthesises and plastic plays a huge role in our life! I cant think of an item where there is no plastic!! Wonder how far ahead it would go?? 
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Sir Richie Richardson as Match referee in India Vs Sri Lanka Score card. (Rarely follow game check score once in 2 days or so, I dont know today's state of match now) So I Googled as usual and it was delight to see Richie, Curtly and Andy Roberts are knighted for their services to Cricket. 11 West Indian players have received the Honor! I wonder how I missed this news in 2014! Great effort by them! Ambrose for me is always remembered by 7/1 spell! Roberts in his Fiery Perth 1975 Spell!!

OK World take it easy, take care, stay safe, GOD BLESS

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