Saturday, August 12, 2017

Et Tu Google! Babubhai prevailed! What a son??!!! Images!!!

#287 12th Aug 2017 08am
1) Hyderabad airport has introduced kerbside Express Security check in the first of its kind, in the country. I had experience it yesterday. Just get out of car walk through two scan for boarding pass ( airline staff) in to sec check at gate. You dont even get to see airline counters. All over in 45 seconds. Yes, you should have done web check in and no check in baggage. The challenge is with many business travellers this fast line can become slow. Also pathetic are the display boards and electric plug points. I didnt find my gate to board even 40 min to departure so walked around to find gate as well as without any electric devices charging point in 4000 SQ FT of space. Makes me more feel,nothing like Bangalore airport......
2) Dunkirk is getting awesome review, I might work a plan to Sunday with Son to watch it. I might relax my norms to watch a movie to one a year. (It is 6 in 28 years so far hahah) Jack Reacher, never go back was last year. Lot of my Twitter followers suggested watching it in IMAX so we might make it to Mantri Mall and keep it post lunch event Sunday perhaps! (While Radhu Lalitha do shopping hopping!!) 

I always believed that Man and Woman are created different by god and comparing them is sheer nonsense. So I am not amused when the Google Engineer, James Damore, said what he said and stupidly Google fired him. As I tweeted, Ask a Woman pee from 30 feet on to a wall, she can't!! Similarly ask a man to hold a litre of coke in to his Dick, he can't. The diverse ability they bring in is  what makes world a pleasurable place to live. Comparing and matching one to other to skill sets is sheer nonsense. I believe Google lost the free opinion work space and succumbed to political correctness platform that is beginning to kill the world. If world ends,it will be definitely due to the stupid political correctness stand that it is taking rather foolishly!!
While I am a Die hard, Anti BJP, Anti Hindu Thugs and Anti Saffron Scoundrels Brigade, I am not a Congress, AAP supporter as people assume I am to be! ( Of course, Mrs Gandhi Influenced my thinking a lot). I am extremely happy that Babubhai (Ahmed Patel as is known in Bharuch where I lived 85-96) won the Rajya Sabha elections. As Hindu editorial and Cartoon portrayed, BJP has excreta on its face in its attempt to bully harass Congress MPs. DK Shivakumar role in this to come to party's rescue despire personal harassment can't be ignored. But would BJP Pigs learn their lesson?? I doubt? Brainless Bastards they are!!!! Also crucial is the role played by Appuchi with election commission in nullifying the Congoon thugs votes!! hahahh!!!! BJP can't have one at its ranks to work such magic!! 


It was heart wrenching to read a news item that Son came back from USA to Bombay, finds mother a skeleton and has not contacted her for 15 months.! Mom has been dead for weeks in a locked in House!! Where is world getting in to?? What /where are emotional bonds? Is the current generation focused so much on success, I, ME, Myself?? I agree that these are Outliers of an event that gets attention ( News is more about what goes wrong rather than what gets done right,!!) still?????

I leave you with some of images that caught my imagination this week that came from my whatsapp group!! hahahah!!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless

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