Friday, August 18, 2017

It is sinking in.... Dad is no more!


As I posted on my Facebook page, Father, Dr TM BALASUBRAMANIAN, passed away on 15th AUG 2017. Coincidentally his father, my grandfather passed away on 25.1.95 and was cremated on Republic day the day after. The end was painless and swift. I saw inner peace in his face. While I was strong and composed while pouring the "AGNI" on his chest and fire engulfing his body in minutes, 8 hours later that night, when I was going through old pictures of his life, something gave in and I cried a lot a good 24 hours post his departure.  Anand and I immersed his ashes at Cauvery river at Trichy.  I posted the announcement of his departure in today HINDU (TN Edition)

The 10th to 13th day ceremonies are being held as indicated above to complete the Athmaa get its blissful resting. 

I am already beginning to feel the change that I need to adapt and wonder how being a son with father around absolves /relieves you of many types of ritual you need to undertake to fulfil human obligations, more so if you are the eldest.

I am amazed at the support we as family got from our relatives, friends, CECRI colleagues, well wishers for all logistics support for his last journey as well as consolation and emotional support that has been pouring in. Touching to hear people/relatives who have marriages in their family in coming days, putting aside preparation for a joyous event and participating in the grieving. Some folks even ready to accompany on Dad's last journey only to be firmly refused to participate by our family priest. in view of health/oncoming marriage a happy event soon. Goes to show if you want to see how popular a man was, watch his funeral procession. Thank you everyone. 

The family deeply thanks the medical services of Doctors who treated him as well as the Nurse whom we hired to take care of his needs over the last 6 weeks. The girl did a superb job in meeting the medical needs and make his last days a bit more comfortable than normally possible for a terminal illness patient.

Dad a life well lived! Mother may have some tough time to be all alone after 55 years of living her life adapting to father's needs and now has to charter her own path. I / we the children, have given her the choice to work her path as she sees fit and would support all the decisions she takes. 

18/7/17 1145am. 

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