Sunday, December 07, 2008

DISGRACE, Top 10 management guru, 7S

I had a first hand experience this morning of the inept and incompetent way as well woeful lack of infrastructure at BIAL airport. I had gone to receive my brother who was returning from his stint in Oman(for the past 2 years). Due to the usual problem in Winter (Today was the first of many for the next 2 months) of high FOG early morning at Bangalore the flight was diverted to Madras. I had to wait for 4 Hrs from 6am there as the airport is so far away from city centre(30 Miles) that it is impossible to return home and go back. I saw the pathetic state in which I always call BIAL as match box airport, (Some of the people referred as Dignified bus stand) being exposed, there was no drinking water fountain, no toilets, no telephone booth, no place to sit for people waiting for passengers, no announcements, no help desk and to cap it all the access to common visitor area was closed due to so called security reasons which is not a surprise as in any public sector institutions the withdrawals are always faster. What shame, disgrace to inherit such a public infrastructure. And to add insult to injury, the arrival section is such a mess that visitor can go out from any gate without knowing there is no coordinated channel. My brother did come out after 5 Hrs delay( NO instrument landing system here!!) and the parking lot was chaos with more than 30 minutes waiting to get in to the car. It is an insult to the people of Bangalore and how they could be taken for a ride. Can we do something!! Nothing you bet!!!!!.

I will leave with the top 10 management gurus who has taken shape.
Came across this 7 S principles for strategy. Good one.
Sorry to leave it short time to catch up with brother after 2 years as he is just spending a day here.

Till next week, take it easy and take live consciously.

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