Sunday, December 14, 2008

Meeting, Openletter, Kungfu, Calendar

I had an interesting experience yesterday. As indicated in my earlier posts, we have decided to buy a flat and signed an agreement in August 07 with the promise that the house would be completed by May 08. Renaissance builders, who are building park III(The apartment built by Renaissance Holdings) are less than open about the changes in overall plan of the apartments as well as Inordinate delay. So all of us met yesterday (Saturday) in their office and had a meeting. Needless to say, the 50 of us, (Out of 100 potential owners) had a tough time controlling our emotions in check ofcourse we have a great spokesperson in Mr Suparna. This was kind of first time experience for me as meeting I usually attend at work or never about life or survival as it was for some of the people who had been asked to vacate their present dwelling and move out. What saddens us was the kind of hide and seek played by the Renaissance management with no formal communications over the last 15 months to us on reasons for delay, or when they would complete or would there be a kind of compensation. The senior management also sometimes seem to disappear letting junior staff manage the gauntlet. I was kind of fortunate that the time overrun for my flat is less than 5 months where as I did meet people who had booked 3 years back and had been promised possession in 2007. Such are the shape of things. So an experience!! While we appreciate, understand that the present recession conditions have made situation of builders funds, resources to make things happen slow and delay ( I just read delay of 2 years in Boeing, airbus!!), what is expected from them is honesty, transparency, and commitment to deadlines or timely communication when things tend to go off track. So much for professionalism I suppose. We hope that things move for good from hereon, and hope that construction completes in say next 4 months and that we should move to park III by May09.

I was moved by the open letter to our Prime minister by an IAS Officer. He had expressed his disappointment over his performance as well as him tolerating mediocre bureaucrats over the last straw on the camel back- the Mumbai carnage. Would some change happen!! I wonder like other incidents we will forget and move on after a victory in a cricket match.

My Son over the weekend persuaded me to sit with him and watch the movie Kungfu Panda. Comedy / cartoon movie it was, I could correlate many leadership aspects in the movie. The ability to be ready for challenges in unforeseen situation, determination to learn and win, strive for excellence as well as success is all due to positive mental attitude were some of the great take away. Worth the 90 Minutes on a Friday night!!.

As the year is coming to an end I was looking for 2009 calendars in excel format and came across this magic calendar. Lot of useful information on almanac, distances to cities etc to work through.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.
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