Sunday, October 28, 2007

20 BLGOS that I track Daily.(Almost)

Before I commence, the blog this week, Just wanted to explain the photo. This wordings touched me when I visited the local hospital in Atessa, Italy in February this year. I had been to the hospital with my Colleague, Vincenzo Colasante, for some business reason and this plaque at the hospital reception just left a deep impression in me. I guess abandoning the child is fast catching up as a practice in India, more so if the child is Female. I hope, this inhuman practice ends soon.

Ok, on to Subject, the 20 Blogs/ websites that I track every day. I hope they are useful to you. I use the Google Home page RSS feed to subscribe to the respective RSS feed and get to read from my Mozilla Firfox under multiple Tab. Its ages since I stopped using IE. I got grudgingly use it for some official work which Doesn't support Firefox. This list is a random order and no preferences.

  1. Zen Habit.
  2. Make it Great
  3. Bing BLOG
  4. The Engaging Brand.
  5. Business Week Online
  6. Newyork times Webpage
  7. Search Blog John Battelle.
  8. Fast Company Blog
  9. Kevin's Blog
  10. Tom Peters Blog
  11. 800 CEO Read Blog
  12. Management Craft.
  13. Career Journal from Wallstreet Journal
  14. Inspirational Quotes from Nagesh.
  15. Fortune Magazine website. (Ask Annie)
  16. Legal Point Blog on Indian Legal issues
  17. Presentation ZEN
  18. Slacker Manager
  19. The Simple Dollor
  20. Bagavad Gita.
This week has a state Holiday on Thursday, the state formation day Nov 1st. I am also looking forward to my parents visit this week. Plan to spend some quality time with them.
Until next week take it easy and take care, Live consciously.

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