Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rome, Jack Reacher, Jason, Eid.

I am just back from Rome on a week visit. This was the second trip to the Historical place this year.

For the second time this year, the baggage didn't reach Rome and it got missed out in London on the BA Flight, coincidentally, this was the trip, I was confident that the baggage would come through as the transit time was more than 2 Hrs and so I did not pack any backup cloth or stuff in the hand baggage.So it was a struggle, anyway this also gave me a chance to reflect on things, how we take things for granted or how we are addicted to habits and can live without. The 3 days with the same cloth, reminded me of the Jack Reacher, the main character in Lee Childs novel. Jack Reacher just travels with one set of cloth with no spares.

The flight BA 118 which I took was kind of unique, during the 11 Hr flight from Bangalore- London, the fasten seat belt sign didn't come on even once. (Except Landing), it was kind of experience as we could move around inside the aircraft. Wonder how many would experience that!!.

I had chance to take a walking tour of the ROME CITY. The guide, Jason, an American now conducts an amazing tour, which is just takes back to you to historic time. He had come to study Theology in Italy some time back and has now decided to conduct full time tour. His Knowledge of the Rome history is amazing, so are some of his anecdotes surrounding history. Not only that, he gives you a good free information on the good restaurants and shops to do value for money. Jason's trip is worth participating if you visit Rome. He can be reached on email at : Jason was found by Mike Csedrik, my colleague during his previous visit on the tour of Vatican. I haven't had the time to visit Vatican, I have planned it for the next visit.

So the rugby world cup is proving great and memorable for Jonny Wilkinson and English fans, what a dream run he is having. My guess is that If England wins the World cup, Jonny would surely be on the Knighthood list next year. Great nerve wrecking stuff last night. I am sure tonight's match would be a thriller and we have a strong possibility of Falklands war settled on a RUGBY field. My Boss Anthony is following it live on the Field in France, here is to Wish Anthony a great time out in France.

Came across this interesting website on Leadership Gurus. I haven't heard of John Maxwell before, But his Maximum Impact approach looks straight forward no nonsense as well as he brings the teachings of GOD in a very subtle, secular way.

So the festive seasons has began, so its fun for the next 3 weeks with Navaratri and Diwali round the corner. Have fun. My Pakistan friends would be enjoying Eid al Fitr now. Here is to wish all the great festive times.

Till next week, take it easy and take care, Live Consciously. BTW, good to see Steve Pavlina back on podcasts.

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