Sunday, October 21, 2007

Evan Almighty, George Bush Job Interview, funny videos

So the Daserra festival went well, the nine nights celebrations were not as Splashy as the Dandia festivals of Gujarat which I used to venture out in the 1990s during my stay there. I remember the "GOLU" we used to have at our home in Karaikudy, it was fun. Over the last 2 days the food was also too much, Cant blame the wife for cooking good food can you!!!!).

I watched the movie "Evan Almighty" As a sequel to the "Bruce Almighty" starring Jim Carey. The movie is a must watch, being a "conservative right wing person", I enjoyed the movie. Act of God, thats what life is all about, great!!. I especially liked the Phrase" ARK- Act of Random Kindness. What a word!!!!!. I also watched the movie Die Hard IV, a cyber terrorism act during independence day weekend. You got to kill 11Hrs of flying time one way, so no better way than movie and Economist.

Ok, I just thought I would share some of the amusing videos I had seen over my search in Google. You need good speed connection to watch this.

South Carolina Gaffe.

Frustrating job Interview
George Bush Job Interview
Bad Job Interview
Amusing Job Interview
Castro's Funeral: I was not amused, to portray a living person dead. Bad.

So, My prediction of Australia Vs South Africa RUGBY final was partially right, with England taking Australia's place. I am also glad that the Springboks overcame the title of chokers and won the world cup outside their country. I guess this could be a defining moment in their sports history. With world cup football going over there in 2010, it could be interesting.

Till next week, Take it easy and take care. Live consciously.

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