Saturday, April 22, 2017

When Idiots Govern us?, Science Tech is Scarry?? Anxiety?? Emmanuel Macron!

1) I would be on Business Travel, Sunday-Thursday, in Madras and Chandigarh. I hope to catch up with Social Media folks, time permitting.

I am aware that we are governed by Idiots of Ministers and ably supported by inept bureaucrats, IAS IPS officers! How else can you explain Rs. 10lacs (25,000$) being spent to cover river with thermocol sheets to prevent evaporation in summer!!! Don't believe me? Read this! (TAMIL
Minister inaugurating Thermocol sheets to cover River @ Madurai! 

I am amazed to read that Israel which has a hostile environment, has been working on Genetically modified bacteria system to detect mines and explosives. Looks too much unbelievable stuff! On the science front, next to fake news, be ready for fake voice appears real to leave hoax messages which can cause disaster in your voice mail etc!! Wonder where tech deception will end? 

It was intriguing to see this data on Score vs Anxiety matrix!! India is missing? I was joking that our kids would give anxiety to others as well as marks would be NEGATIVE for malpractices!! 
Competition score vs Anxiety 
With the French election1st round less than 24 hours away, the most unpredictable one in recent times,it is make or break for France/Europe. With 11 contenders in the fray, choosing the top 2 to go to Round 2 on May 8th is a hazardous guess. However, I am hopeful, that centrist Emmanuel Macron the 39 year old former civil servant and banker would be one of the two to make the cut. It was interesting to read Macron has married Bridgette,a woman 24 years elder to him. She was his teacher !!! Can't think of any popular figure doing that globally!!! 

Macron with his wife, 24 yrs older than him!!

Take it easy take care, Stay Safe.
22/4/17,1330 Hrs.
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