Saturday, April 29, 2017

Business Travel, Breaking Wind & Email about it, மோ(ச)டி, Option-B& FIX

1) I am using an OLD I pad version to read my EPUB during night time.(So No lights on and Lalitha not disturbed) so kind of intrigued when GOOGLE Stopped access to my OLD IPAD as software version was old and outdated. I could manually override it. Good in a sense such protection exist.

2) As I make call on my Android phone, as soon as I hit number, screen goes blank? Any Remedies?? Thanks in advance.

I had a great business trip to Chennai and Himachal. It was also good to catch up with Anthony Wareham, my Honeywell Boss who has since moved out of Honeywell. I met Anthony after Two and Half years. Time goes very fast. This was my III visit to Himachal Pradesh and every time I visit I am amazed at the warmth, hospitality of people there. It was also a great opportunity to plant a sapling at locations which is my small contribution to environment for having looted so much....... 

Of course the Mayhem at Madras airport at Morning time is horror!! 100 in queue to get in!! (Very less bay) security check through one zone where 500 stand in queue and security posts closed!! Madras Airport one of the worst I have seen in my Global Travel. I agree in USA it can take ages, but then it is a different animal, threats, rules of engagement there!! 

Traditional Welcome at HP site Near Chandigarh 

Punjabi Lunch near Mohali.
I know workplace discipline has hit rock bottom with this generation as well as taking things easy!! But nothing prepared me for the email below. Where is common sense, etiquette!! What kind of norms, values companies teach in employee for personal discipline as well as email ethics!! I just shudder!!( I am told this email is genuine and Linkedin has the employee profile) 

I have no respect what so ever for MODI and his Govt. While he did a good job as Chief Minister of Gujarat and still earns my respect. As a Prime Minister of this country, he is a big let down, a conman in MGR mold, A trickster and above all -NATO------> NO ACTION TALK ONLY hijacked by Hindu goons with saffron scoundrels tinge !! So I was horrified when I watched this video. Aadhar linked to school midday meal? Man u must be a greatest dumb guy, god has ever created!! I know BJP Buggers have no brain between ears or legs, but this is way beyond Galactical Stupidity!!! 

Modi's Aadhar card link to midday meal school! HORROR 

I stumbled up on TOM WOOD, fiction writer in the mold of Colin Forbes, Frederick Forsyth and Jeffry Archer combined and a tinge of Joseph Finder! VICTOR the assassin is a mix of Jack Reacher and Nick Heller. I have gone thro 3 of the series of books and all are very good. I am now reading "THE FIX" by David Baldacci. I also plan to read "OPTION B" by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. It must have been a traumatic experience for her, I am sure her experience with Adam Grant's psychological touch should give folks the experience to be ready when the jolt hits in. Hopefully never, but prepare for worst as they say!!
Ok World, Take it easy, take care, stay safe. God Bless

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