Friday, March 03, 2017

Har-Ward, Indian GDP, Saffron Scoundrels,

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When you elect uneducated/illiterate leaders this is what you get! I am astonished at comparison even to Harvard and Hardwork! If Hard work alone leads to results then people would forego sleep and become millionaire, make money and sleep! What a rubbish! We get the leaders we deserve. I am no fan of Amartya Sen, doesn't mean you agree to every rubbish dished out!! 
Enough has been written on Fudging of numbers in developing world, more so in India etc. I recollect famous Joke on General Smuts which I posted on Twitter some time back. 
Any data from India is suspicious, fudge, fishy!! I see the GDP numbers in same light! Also this calculations show how the fudge game played to show no effect of Demonisation(!!!) hahha!!!( I assume the numbers given below dont lie)

I also suspect as Indian finance system is in mess as these two articles point out! I only hope we don't go the Greece way of fudging numbers so much that there is no way out! With Modi being called Employee #420 of Ambani/Adani, (hhahha The section connects Fraud/cheat in IPC) I see less hope! 
ahhahahahh!! Ever since, 1994, I have always viewed walking god man with Suspect. I call them the Saffron Scoundrels with their aim to plunder money, live luxurious with Women, Wine, Wealth! (Who knows Anti national activities too) while I am religious conservative, my religion stops outside my pooja room with myself. None can talk and influence me on religion. I recollect horror of Jim Jones, as teenager, which made me view these buggers with lot of suspect and mistrust!!

Therefore, I am not surprised with this article (TAMIL) on ISHA Coimbatore on loot plunder. Also his past a huge suspect. I always feel these stealth operators like Jakki, Sreesreee, Ramdev are far dangerous than ISIS etc. 

Take care, God Bless

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