Monday, March 20, 2017

+ve Intelligence, Head Winds Tail Winds, ஒப்பாரி, Satya Nadella's Redmond!!

One of those days where I woke up at 3am!! (I was Hungry perhaps!!) Wonder why!! So all things done, so time to post the blog Monday..

I stumbled on PERISCOPE a good Mobile tool to post live events. I need to have practised situations and go live in coming weeks. 

I recommend my Twitter follower @karikadaiboy blog post for sports updates besides generic coverage like I do !! Guy does super dissection of events! This is power of SM! I interact with him! But no idea who he is what he does! (except he is in Madras in his 30s I assume, and hates Garlic as much I love love like Tons I can have in 1 sitting hahaahh)

During morning walk, I was listening to Stanford Lecture on +ve Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine and found very interesting on Saboteurs that hide within us for success. So I took my profile and no surprise at least at things that influence me!!! ahhahah! No wonder I can't put GOOJA Jaalraa!!!! Say F**K off easily like breathing!!!  ahhahhhahh!!!! 
Freaknomics discussions cover on headwinds tailwinds!! People always crib headwinds to failures, do they credit  success to tailwinds? Also they are always ungrateful & unhappy?? I agree!! I consider luck plays a huge part as Tailwind and must be given credit. I was indicating the same to a client Saturday over lunch. My success 80% great leaders /organisations to nurture me,mold me to trajectory,18% my Prespiration, 2% luck to be at the right place at right time!! Gratitude takes you a lot further!!! May you appreciate the wind when it’s at your back – and when it’s not, deal with it a little less resentfully.”

I was astounded last night when I heard this! Wailing woman of Ireland! Similar to our ladies at TN!! ஒப்பாரி Amazing cultures are so similar so far far away!!! 
And funny side to OPPARI!!!

I close with the Redmond Resurgence and finding path! Microsoft going ahead with open culture innovation, moving from Windows & Office to Cloud!! Would they go all the way! I would think so!! I always have soft corner for them ever since my visit to their facility in 2001 as well as Gate's gesture to give away wealth to charities and work on Malaria, drinking water etc!!!  It is another matter, I post this blog from my MAC!! hahahahh!!
Ok, Take care, stay safe, God bless!
20/3/17 0900 Hrs.

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