Thursday, March 02, 2017

27&600, 10&529, -23&18, (63&2043!!My Predicted death!!)

1) Yesterday I had done superjob of clean up of FB, etc. Really amazed with feauters to do this almost first time in a decade in any of Social Media Apps (Some called me Anti National for taking stance against "Stupid MODI" hahahahhahahahha) Face book has brought in lot of features makes life easy! Of course Unlike Twitter, you cant post anonymous abuse and run away!!! I was intrigued to listen this morning,

2) I love the FOX NEWS App, It downloads news headlines (< 2min listen with my speed of 2.5X) and you can keep yourself updated when you want to!! Also it doesn't download when phone is in sleep mode,( I got up this morning at 445am hahhah super disturbed by Lalitha's alarm) so super way of no extra items to listen to!!

The King  of Saudi Arabia, Salman is on a visit to Saudi Arabia. This is the first visit by him to this nation in 50 years.What's intriguing is King's goods that he uses as luxury was carried in 27 Flights and 600 personnel, 459Tons of goods(Including his Mercedes) accompanied him to help things out!!
I wondered if the king was lady in his previous birth to carry so much?? Wondered how much Theresa May's entourage was? hahahahah!!!

M-Pesa (Money in Swahili) is 10 years old!! hahah! It was interesting to track their progress! I recollect their launch in 2007 podcasts!!! (My 80Gb IPOD was bought in Jan 2007 to listen transfer thro cable from ITUNES!!) 300,000 was their initial estimates! today at end of 10 years the customer base is 30 Million with transactions happening at the rate of 529 Transactions /second!! What a way forward. I think Africa showed the way in Mobile money market for the world! Awesome!! 

-23C in Northern most part of Norway, the winter finally arrived almost 2 months late, it's worst in 2 decades! It was intriguing to hear, Animal sizes that survive on harsh winter environment has shrunk over in last 18 years!! Global warming has also indicated lot of glaciers are melting at a very faster rate! Would world wake up and do something before too late? I wonder???

So the boycott of COKE PEPSI in TN is hitting the world news!! Lot of discussions! I wonder how far, how long would this last?? I am not very sure that scale and size of rival drinks exist to meet the need of customer demand? Also with Crooks like Ramdev etc promoting own brand, is there a sinister plot?? 

Macron(i)???? is hitting a purple patch?? Will it go all the way?? I hope for world sake? Any one but the evil Lady? Disaster for France, if Marine LePen makes it?? I dont think she stands a chance? But after Brexit, Trump, nothing is taken for granted!!

I was listening to Lucy this morning on how death of dear/near ones especially parents make you change career or take re look at life!! I agree with her!! My grandfather and grand mom lived until their 90s so Dad was in to late 60s when soul searching happened so I wondered he missed the bus to do changes and adapt to ever changing needs!!! I was just calculating the tool she mentioned, to see how longer I have to work a plan?? hahhah! plenty I would think.!!I do course corrections not waiting for my parents' departure! ( I think I am half way in to it, taking career change plunge in 2012, to quit the Idiotic corporate!!) Could I have done better? Let's wait and see???

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, god bless
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