Saturday, March 04, 2017

Cunning Chinese& Crooked Indians, You are Fired!! Safety-Evoparative effect!!! Oval Office-Kneeling!!!

1) I dug out the 50th PODCAST To listen. I think 50 is a good number of podcasts spread across spectrum to listen while walking.(Hourly/daily/weekly/basis the pod casts gets updated) With 2.5X Speed of play you cover. The Bullshit Filter  is the 50th Podcast with intriguing aspect covered like Jesus mentioned more times than Mohamed!!in the, would you believe, in QURAN!!! Cameron Reilly, the Aussie has been around for ages from Podcast Network back in 2005!
BULLSHIT FILTER my 50th Podcast to download! good exploration of History!!! 
2) What gets measured gets done, I am glad I could break the 20,000 Steps/day mark! It was always getting stuck 18,19K! Finally, broke it yesterday with 45 min shopping walk with son (Who is recovering well from dislocated kneecap 3 weeks back, so he practised long walk on bumpy Bangalore roads, yesterday!!!) Every cloud has silver lining!! ahhahahahahah!!!! 
20,000 barrier broken GOOD !!!
"Cunning Chinese and Crooked Indians" is my approach to anything that concerns these 2 folks. Wont believe me !! See this News item below!! You bet, you can't stereotype all, as I know of lot and lot of Chinese Folks who have hosted me and taken care of me super duper in my travel there, but the saying goes!! ehheheheh!!! 

Indian crookedness, 100s of stories one such is this!! Would you have any sympathy for Indian cricketers and Board who are protesting the ass whipping Supreme court has handed to them! I cant think of one Indian cricket guy in the past 35 years,(player, administrator) who was not crooked or corrupt or used malpractices and courts took them to task!! Now cry baby !! This crookedness extends to all walks of life! 

Stunning, you work for 12 years,Called in one morning and said you are FIRED and given minutes to pack and quit without even talking to any one and no news of your exit formally!! While this is common happening in USA, to see this happen in Australia the world has arrived?? I Wonder India would be there in 3-5 years?????? !! But in India, the HR guy may pay a price with his life as happened couple of times!! ehheheh!!! With Current HR globally being labelled as Hitler's Regiment,(HR) I wonder whether the common fraternity sympathises with them when they get the stick even as bad as death??? To me HR is the past decade is the most hyped non value add entity and mostly Bad HR around, (more so I have done MBA-HR to see what the F**K is that and found it is most Gas and 90% these days in Bad HR and nodding head to leadership!!) hahahahhahah!!!

Today being National safety day here in India, I don't give a hoot about it, as these slogans, posters,celebrations are evaporative with effect lasting 2-3 days and all forgotten as with 80% things in India. I guess, my last such celebration was 1998 in a facility long forgotten!(Of course,we notches ahead to take accidents, incidents seriously and never repeat-not compliance driven thinking as mostly done here, hehehehhe and don't bloody argue Union Carbide -Bhopal was MNC!!!!) As a Safety professional,I feel saddened so many lives lost and you do nothing about it with culture, leadership, systems, engagement etc and wait for laws to be the stick to beat you with for excellence ......! 
I was pained yesterday to read this.  
Tree Lands On Car, Killing Oxford Driver In 'Freak Accident': A 50-year-old man was killed in a freak accident Thursday afternoon when a tree toppled over and landed on his car.
If he had driven 5Mph/ hr more or less he would have survived!! The question is Should he have driven when rains, winds, hailstorm around?? I wonder??? Some deaths have no answer!!! 

I leave you with the Photo that is making waves!!! ehheheheh!! Oval Office, Kneeling!! I would leave the rest to you!! Even Dems are seeing the funny side!!! ehehhehehehehhehehhehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehheh!!!!! 

Have a great day, Take it easy,take care, God bless!
4th March 2017
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