Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bachellor Bastards PM F** Country????, Pappal, Romania, Marion for President!!

I got an email link from an Indian American friend on Modi's performance!! It got me worked up!! hahahh! I share my thoughts.
"Modi can do what he want!! As I wrote in my FB POST below, South India will not even allow 10% seats! Tamil Nadu and Kerala BJP cant even win deposit in 1 of 234 in TN and 130 in Kerala next 50 years let along win a seat! South more intelligent to "me my own" rather than allowing cultural invasion which is what they see in BJP of North and core Hindu values which well never sell. As famous national poet Subramanya Bharati wrote in 1900s, "There may be 1000 castes but who are outsiders to interfere!! Modi & cronies, would always be seen an outsiders here"

Modi a very good CM no doubt given limitation of Gujarat  but as PM long long long way to go!! As Saying goes, "if the road to Delhi wont go through Madras, such journey would never succeed". Sad reality again! As we personally joke in family circles, if BJP and gang had got freedom for us in 1947,first thing they would have imbibed to us is dont eat through mouth (use other hole) and schools would have taught us drink urine! Chant god name 108 times when body temperature is 104F (Angels and Demons) !!! Such a nomadic thinking clan! Corrupt, they no less!!! What better example to see in our Karnatka, 3 Cheif Minister in 5 years!! hmmmmmm! I can go on and on! I would bet anything even with Majority in both houses, this government would go nowhere on reforms!! (Governance is a Trait)!!! 

Modi may win elections again and again! But he can never win people hearts to be a national leader cherished by people like Mrs Gandhi who was the "Only Male in cabinet". (Only PM ever in Indian history to win a war) For that to happen, he need to let go fundamental elements, work a cabinet that is inclusive (Trump doing a great job) unfortunately his ego and stubborness and an absence of woman to guide him (What a curse, all 3 BJP PMs, all bachellor Bastards as I say!!) wont happen. As I type, I see a Hindu MONK made CM??? Can you Imagine???? hmmmmmm!!! Another sad aspect is the clapping going gagaa on these ass hole leaders would be done by those who never lived in India and faces day to day harassment, corruption, traffic like the Wharton & other by so so called Elites who wont know ground reality here! (Lalitha and I heard choicest abuse on MODI yesterday by an Auto Driver, Kannada Guy, who took us evening shopping!! he says If Modi is corrupt crony ok the diary entries not valid, but not Siddaramaiah name in diary makes him corrupt !! hahahhah!!!!

​hahhahah! F**K Modi, Fu** politician Bastrodic Ass holes, Thats how I call all these Vermins!!! move on!!

I have always had a Soft Corner for Non Western Cardinals who became Pope. Karol Jozef Wjotyla from Krakow, (who our stupid Hindu Indians would blame as father of conversion of Hindus!!How stupid logic, u convert for your wants, needs and when denied self respect and dignity which Hindu Saffron Goonics never understood and blame an outsider!!) and Jorge Mario Bergoglio  No wonder, the Italian / western cronies are fighting tooth and nail to the liberal order that Pope Francis is trying to bring in! Add the Notorious Steve Banon in to it!! haah!! Disaster on hand!! How many Saffron Scoundrels of saints would visit a high tech exhibiting to work the SM, tech update to religious aspects!! that triggered this peice! 

It is sad state of affairs for our Indian Lorry Drivers who go length and breadth of this vast country and in these days of ever increasing costs and inflation, they have no other option but to cook their own food, live in shanty places in transit and paid meagre wages. I was thinking these must be condition only of Indian /Subcontinent folks, until I came across that most of Romanian/Eastern European drivers, who live in a similar harsh condition and go through a kind of hell!! What a sad way things are going downhill! 

Remember my Post on Prof Kelly last week !! ahhahahhaha!!!! Going next step!! MARION FOR PRESIDENT!! heheheh!!! As a man who has strong opinion on Female leaders do a super job than dumb male idiots!! (Especially lousy bachelor bastards) ! why NOT???

Little star: Marion (centre) with her father Robert Kelly, mother Jung-a Kim and brother James

In case u missed:- hahahhahhah!!

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God Bless!
19/3/17 0915am.

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